Clothing for a hike in the theater

Clothing for a hike in the theater

The famous theatrical rule of thumb is that the theater begins with a hanger. In this saying is the truth. But really, any trip to the theater begins with thinking about what to wear. It is very important to choose the right stage outfits to feel confident in the theater and enjoy the show to the fullest.

Theatrical dress code

Clothing for a hike in the theater

Theater - it's the same house of culture, where people come to relax and enjoy the show or music. Previously, for a hike in the theater a man was required to wear a tuxedo and the woman - cocktail dress, jewelry and gloves. Since then much has changed. The modern pace of life does not allow us before going to the theater for the whole day to spend an evening dress or choice, putting beauty in the beauty salon. Sometimes people come to the theater straight from work.

Today, theatrical dress code is more democratic. However, it has its own rules. The Opera House decided to come after all in evening dress, but so should dress in dramatic theater only if you sit in the first rows of the stalls or in the lodge.

It is also permissible to come to the theater in the classic business suits soothing colors, or in a cocktail dress. The variant blouse and dark skirt. The main rule is that you do not look provocative and vulgar. Still, you have come to the theater, and not on a fashion show, so trendy outfit and deep cleavage would be inappropriate here. Of course, theater etiquette does not imply that if you come in sneakers and jeans, you are immediately pushed out of the temple of the arts. But it will be interpreted as a lack of respect for others and for himself to theater.

Also in the theater would be inappropriate caller makeup. And in any case, you can not use a sharp perfume and pours itself polflakona favorite spirits - think of others. Also around will prevent your high hairstyle, so do not erect themselves intricate towers on the head. Do not be amiss to remind that is absolutely forbidden the use before going to the theater of alcoholic beverages or products with a pungent unpleasant odor. Also, think about your outfit to outfit coordinated with your companion.

Theatrical dress code for men

Clothing for a hike in the theater

A man in a theater should look elegant. Usually, men wear a tuxedo in the theater. But it is also permitted to wear costumes of dark colors, which can be either self-colored, and in a faint stripes or a cage. Shirt under the suit is necessary to select light shades. Well, the must-have accessory to the theater together to be a smart tie, a scarf or a butterfly. If you plan to hike in the recital, which will dominate the youth audience, you can wear a jacket and trousers of different color or shirt and trousers without a jacket. And, of course, totally out of place in the theater will be sneakers, sweaters and T-shirts, as well as any other casual wear.

Theatrical dress code for women

Clothing for a hike in the theater

If the choice of clothing for men Theater is not so varied, the women have to choose from. Wear for a trip to the theater lady can:

1. Evening dress. When choosing an evening dress for the theater, you should pay attention to the straight silhouettes. The lush dresses or dresses with a train you in the theater is unlikely to be useful in the same way as in a dress embroidered with sequins and stones.

2. Cocktail dress. Nowadays it is the most common outfit for a trip to the theater. This dress looks beautiful and elegant, but not too pretentious. Stopping the choice on cocktail dress, pay attention to the fact that it has been muted shades. But jewelry can be for him to pick up and rather bold, but do not overdo it with them to not look vulgar.

3. The Tuxedo. As strange as it sounds, but the tuxedo has now become a favorite evening dress and for the male half of the population, and for the female. Tuxedo should wear dark chiffon blouse and a large necklace. Also under this dress will be appropriate stilettos.

4. Trouser suit. To traverse the theater is suitable as a classic trouser suit or trousers shortened length 7/8, colored or printed. They can be worn under a light blouse or top.


Clothing for a hike in the theater

It is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of accessories. There is also the rule soothing shades. It is not necessary to cling on all that is your home, so as not to look like a Christmas tree. Your outfit is in itself speaks of the solemn occasion. Of jewelry worth to choose a beautiful necklace, earrings or ring.

In your wardrobe must also present an elegant evening bag. This can be either beautiful handbag on a chain or an elegant clutch.


When selecting footwear for theater, pay attention not only on the convenience, but also the beauty. Be careful with that in your wardrobe would be at least one pair of shoes for the solemn occasion. Shoes for a hike in the theater should be a heel, but it should not be more than eight centimeters. In any case, shoes should complement your evening outfit. The main rule is that the boots worn in the theater - is mauvais ton. If you're going to the theater in the cold season, you can grab the shoes with you. In the theater, there is a possibility to change the shoes.