Is it possible a woman wearing men's clothes?

So far, so fashion is becoming more diverse and creative. Unless before the women wore skirts, blouses and dresses, a little later in this article of clothing has been added and trousers. And now all the fashion tends to minimalism and unisex everything. The female half of humanity is often put on men's shirts, jeans, jackets. But since women tend to thin fashion sense, even these purely male thing turns out to make feminine and stylish.

Is it possible a woman wearing men's clothes?

The image of a man's trousers

Naturally, the cute princess did not get the article in the men's things. But if you choose the right at the top of men's trousers, it may well turn out interesting image of a young rebel.

Choosing for themselves things from the male wardrobe importantly - it is to choose the right size. Besides clothing for men (especially pants) sewed considering the male anatomy, so if you do not mannish figure is likely that the desired thing you have to sew on the order or to choose very carefully. After hanging on the hips pants are unlikely to be nice to look at the pretty lady. But the men's cut, designed with a view of the female form, can be an excellent addition to your everyday, office, or even festive attire. As a result, you will create a bold and confident image of a strong woman.

Is it possible a woman wearing men's clothes?

The image of a men's shirts

Shirt is one element of a woman's wardrobe that can be worn as a tunic and a short topic.

For example, if the shirt is long enough, then you can leave the edges hanging over the jeans, waist and emphasize the subtle or very wide belt. Sleeves in this case can be rolled by three-quarters.

If you wish to the contrary slightly open tummy, you can tie a knot in front of the altitude at which you are willing to risk. Can be directly under the breast, but can only slightly opened the navel.

Short men's shirts may be worn even just to issue or tucked into trousers.

Just a man's shirt, you can wear over your unbuttoned shirts or T-shirts.

Is it possible a woman wearing men's clothes?

The image of a man's T-shirts and Hoodies

Favorite subject is women in their wardrobe - T-shirt. The men's shirts are good for us girls?

New tee shirt, just brought from the boutique, you can even put on a friendly outing.

But the T-shirt, which is already stretched, may serve as home nightgown. Usually men like nice body knitwear. Therefore, in their shirts to us women, so nice to sleep.

By the way, the majority of men believe women in the men's T-shirt is very sexy and seductive. Men's hoodie you can safely wear leggings underneath by pulling on the waist belt and rolled sleeves. At the same time to this way you can even wear shoes with heels.

Is it possible a woman wearing men's clothes?


An image of a men's jacket

Men's jacket for women as it is allowed to wear. Just remember, if you put this piece wardrobe, then you have the risk of looking silly. But this is only if you do not take care of the creation of a complete image. It is important to wear the right accessories, pay attention to the creation of a make-up and hairstyles.

Stratification is now very fashionable. That's just it needs to beat properly, then you will look like a confident woman victorious.

Is it possible a woman wearing men's clothes?

As you can see, men's shirts, trousers, shirts and jackets are increasingly appearing on the streets and in the gentle quivering female bodies. There is nothing shameful and ridiculous, in this there is a peculiar zest. And if you like this style, it is close to you and expresses your personality, you should not restrain your desire to wear men's clothes. So we have only one conclusive answer to the question "Can a woman wearing men's clothes?". And this answer: "Of course you can."