Fashion summer 2017

Summer collections of designers are always a variety of different models, styles and colors. Already passed several fashion weeks in New York, Paris, Milan and London. Design solutions are so impressive that one word to describe what will be Fashion summer 2017 will not work. Get ready to listen and watch for a long time a lot.

The general fashion trends for summer 2017

As we have already mentioned, fashion warm period is always varied and creative. But the similarities are evident in almost all the designers who presented their collections. We can call these trends present trends of the upcoming summer.

So, almost all the designers in their collections using a leather cloth. Velor and lace fabrics were also very noticeable.

Besides denim designers are not spared.

All also continues to hold the position of leader of the grid.

More appeared on the catwalks of models in pajama-negligent style.

No less popular on the catwalks has multiple layers, which entails unusual and interesting combination of clothing. For hot days can be a great solution mnogofakturnost, which is very good replacement for layering.

Among the decorations for their creations, the designers chose ryushiki, frills and birdies and finishing tape.

So we have uncovered the basic secrets, but they still need to properly fit into your summer look. All of this we are now analyze in more detail, and you will not have any doubts about the drops that have to choose from what.

Lace Summer 2017

We'll start with the truly feminine material - lace fabric. After all clothes from the lace is always easy, always romantic. Especially because of this tissue in the summer of 2017 should look after themselves airy dress.

Lace dresses were popular in the autumn-winter period. And even more so they are on top of the fashion Olympus will be the spring-summer 2017.

Summer - it's a time when you can put on and revealing outfits, and more stringent. There are a variety of lace, and gowns are similar - the most unexpected length, styles and transparency.

Some models can even lace dress to wear to work, and some are suitable except for the club parties.

Fashion summer 2017

Elegant of this lightweight fabric is also obtained evening fashion.

And so we found out that the fashion summer 2017 must include lace dresses. What models and colors presented our designers?

Rich lace summer of 2017 can be any colors. Bright dresses you can wear on a walk street and pale pastel colors are acceptable for the office. And, of course, where no black lace? While they were not only the evening and dissolute, and more strict and formal.

As for short-bright models - do not forget to take them, going on vacation. You will be very fashionable girl on the entire beach. In addition to the lace is not hot, but through small holes will be some nice cool sea breeze.

But designers maxi length is also not spared. This is especially noticeable in the evening models. Graduates of 2017 can now start to view models prom dresses of lace.

Fashion summer 2017

The most interesting and unusual among lacy patterns on the podium were, of course, translucent. They look perfect, gentle and sexy. Even if it is not the female wardrobe. For example, shorts or pants can not be called a purely female, but if they are made of lace, they are automatically converted into feminine and stylish summer little things.

Lace crept into all aspects of fashion for summer 2017 Blouses and tops; bags and belts; scarves and even shoes - all the designers in a hurry to decorate this transparent and soft cloth.

In short, everything you can dream of a woman can be made of lace. It is fashionable, actually, feminine, seductive.

A supplement lace dress can be greater visibility accessories. Particularly elegant look massive earrings and bracelets.

Fashion summer 2017

Denim summer 2017

One of my favorite fabrics and men and women - denim. She holds a leading position in the manufacture of absolutely any clothes. Denim clothing is appropriate to wear for any event. The main thing is of course to choose the right style.

The most popular clothes that are made from denim - jeans. About what jeans are fashionable summer 2017 we will say a few words.

Do you want to be fashionable? Take any jeans. From narrow to wide-feminine boyfriends jeans unisex.

Particular attention was paid to designers flared and straight models. So if you want to be trendy, then take the jeans flared towards the bottom, or not form-fitting straight CROI.

Fashion summer 2017

In more detail, we would like to consider is the old article of clothing - denim shorts.

Summer Fashion 2017 does not prohibit choose any jean shorts. Any - this means any process tuck short leg, any length, any color.

That is, will your short shorts, which only cover the buttocks, or long below the knee - it does not matter.

Select you imagine white denim shorts, or maybe classic blue - also without a difference.

With regard to the tuck, you can even wear cropped pants with rough edges. The main thing - to denim.

And your shorts can take a shoulder bag and put on sunglasses. As such, you'll be more of the Sweet Home Alabama.

But your summer wardrobe from denim is composed not only of the shorts. Another hit of the summer will sundress. You can choose the model midi, maxi or mini. Unusually look denim sundresses in retro style.

Fashion summer 2017

And if you invent that denim sundress does not field for the imagination, then you are mistaken. clothing manufacturers decorate their sundresses art cutouts, buttons and rivets.

Complement this subject summer wardrobe can be belts and snakes.

As for the dress-shirt made of denim, so it will generally be at the peak of popularity. In general, if you want to be stylish, be sure to pay attention to the old denim sundress from the new collections.

Fashion summer 2017

But the ones who are going to win all their knowledge of fashion trends, must have denim overalls. It's just a peppercorn almost all designer collections.

Overalls of shorts, pants and skirts; long and short; light and dark.

What stands out among their other clothing made of denim, so it's a variety of styles. In short, fashion summer 2017 is not now without the presence of a comfortable jeans unitard.

Fashion summer 2017

Leather clothing summer 2017

That could take most of the fashion collections as no leather? They are also remembered, probably more than anyone else.

After all, leather clothes - always extraordinary. She - the other, distinctive from other tissues.

Skin designers so far only study. From it are trying to make a variety of products.

What leather products will be most in demand in the summer of 2017? The very first on what we want saktsentirovat attention - this leather skirt.

Fashion summer 2017

carefully and do not look defiant leather midi skirt length. Especially that midi - is now the most fashionable length. In conjunction with the skin you will doubly fashionable, so to speak.

In addition skirts for summer 2017 be sure to buy for themselves fashionable leather dress. In order not to look too provocative, stylists recommend to buy dresses made of colored leather simple models and kroev. Without excess, glamor and decor. Simplicity does not interfere with anyone else, especially in such a delicate matter as leather clothing.

As for the color, a lot of beautiful leather dress mustard and blue. But the red, green and pink dress and was decorated podiums.

More daring ladies can choose the dress and a neckline decorated with a snake. Depending on what part of your body you want to attract attention, you can try on a dress with a snake in front or behind.

Fashion summer 2017

In addition to skirts and dresses, designer presents us another leather pants. As well as dresses and skirts, trousers and can be classic black and bright and saturated colors. For restrained combines them with a more relaxed riding. Let the accent and all the attention goes to the pants. To help you in the summer of 2017 it was comfortable in your skin pants, then buy them exclusively from natural and finer fabric. You can also watch the truncated model.

No less popular than the trousers in summer 2017 will be leather leggings and tights. Under them you can safely put on extended models of shirts and blouses. They can also be complementary to the elongated jackets for a more rigorous style cowboy hat or to create a Western-style. Depending on the desired image can be chosen from the shoe heels or sneakers.

Fashion summer 2017

And on cooler summer days on top of their usual clothes can throw a jacket made of leather. Leather - a material that provides excellent protection from the wind. At the same time shorter and lighter models are acceptable for summer.

In leather jackets in principle, not hot. There are models of the three-quarter sleeves. Look leather jackets are stylish and impressive. Moreover, they can be combined with a light and airy short yubchonkoy, and with a romantic and feminine long dress.

Fashion summer 2017

Transparent clothes in summer 2017

Another "clear trend" fashion for the summer of 2017 - from the grid clothes.

As we have shown, too, the designers of the grid may turn out simply unbeatable and feminine model.

A grid to create their masterpieces designers took any - from the most melenko to large, similar to fishing. The most spectacular of this material (if you can call all material) obtained long dresses. Now they can be worn not only on the beach.

Fashion summer 2017

For a modest girls under the net can be put on a T-shirt and shorts or tank tops.

What else to say about the fashionable clothes of summer 2017? It should be memorable. If the dress is made of mesh, it is in any case will not remain aloof views. But for an even better effect, you can purchase a dress of bright color of the grid.

And since we are on the topic of clothing from the grid, it is impossible to pass the attention of the flight model of the mating. Knitted clothing always looks elegant and somehow in a special attractive. The summer will be relevant knitted cardigans, skirts and tops that are slightly open body.

Fashion summer 2017

Among the transparent garments another leading fashion place of summer 2017 will take chiffon dresses and skirts. Better if Chiffon dresses will not be with floral prints, as for example with Goroshkova or geometric. Straight and zigzag lines, dots and abstract patterns - the most fashionable prints of the summer 2017.

Fashion summer 2017

Also very gentle, easy and romantic look translucent dresses of silk, organza and tyulmarina. Designers are trying to teach their displays of women wear dresses made from these materials, so that it does not look crude and obscene. After all of these fine matters produced elegant evening dresses and clothes for visits.

In a word - weightless fabric on a hot period - your fashion success.

Fashion summer 2017

pajama-careless and linen styles summer 2017

Now pajamas and nightgowns can we wear not only on the pajama party in a narrow circle of friends. After another elegant fashion novelty of summer 2017 - pajama-style careless.

In this direction, we can see on the catwalks models in apparel, which are more like nightgowns. These outfits passers are gradually getting used. Thin fabric, decorated with lace and pastel colors best describe pajama-style careless. That's just on the street instead of the light blouses girls throw thin cardigans, which have in common with a bathrobe. Pants pajama fabrics can also be absolutely no hesitation to wear for a walk alleys and parks of the city. Firstly, it is convenient. Second, stylish.

Fashion summer 2017

also chic overalls in pajama-negligent style. Also, what suits and so very chosen by designers for the summer 2017, when they will be executed in this new direction of fashion, then you will become a star in the fashionistas circles. All the more so careless pajama-style - it is generally the highlight is the summer collections. In general, if you want to knit myself a pantsuit, which is like a pair of pajamas - you will not dare to laugh. Very close to the pajama-style is careless clothesline. Sometimes they are combined into one. And it is not in vain. The lingerie style, we also see things that are very similar to underwear. Here and indecent length shorts, like women's panties; here and tops tonyusenkoy straps, more similar to the T-shirts for workouts in the fitness rooms.

Fashion summer 2017

And by the way on top of the "underwear" can be put on a cape of the more dense tissue. For example, a knitted cardigan or men's jacket perfectly complement your unusual vivid image. "Seasoning" underwear style is not linen gizmos you're not just a stylish little thing. With such tough "applications", you will not look like just woken up, and forgetting to change a woman.

Fashion summer 2017

Stratification and mnogofakturnost summer 2017

If you think that layering is typical only for the cold season, we will try to convince you otherwise.

On the catwalks of the summer collections of models often appear in a multi-layer clothing.

Most layering in collections was noticeable in the lower part of the female body. Basically layered on the hottest period of the designers did skirt.

Fashion summer 2017

In general, all the skirts are very fashionable in the summer of 2017. But if your skirt is also from a few, you all is trending coming summer. Designers left the right choice and what kind of a cloth will be your multi-layer skirt. Up until the color and texture. Length - from mini to maxi. Colors - from monochrome to the brightest and contrast. Fabric - from the clear and tender to the roughest.

Another indisputable hit of summer 2017 fashion are skirts and dresses, worn over trousers. Now you can wear two favorite little things together. While over the pants can be worn as a skirt-kleshevye soltse and narrow yubchonki. Pants can also be both the most common and popular denim or any other fabric. The width of the leg - the same choices.

Fashion summer 2017

But the most frequent combination: length skirt below the knee and slightly cropped pants.

Very good looks long skirt with a cut under short shorts.

Often appeared on the catwalks of models in tight dresses midi length over which wore short skirts.

Or vice versa - a short dress and long skirt with a large cut to the bottom peeking piece short dress.

The main thing that it was clear that you and the dress and the skirt.

Fashion summer 2017

At first glance, this idea - to combine incompatible - can seem absurd and totally incomprehensible. But when looking at the photos, you begin to understand that this is - fashion. She was not standing next to a clear and straight lines. She likes to innovate, chaos, asymmetry. She does not like boring and repetitive patterns. She loves all the bright and unusual.

Fashion summer 2017

It is very interesting in the latest collections looked mnogofakturnye tissue. If you are caring for her dress, then pay special attention to the dress, made of several different in texture fabrics. In fact, the most fashionable dress should consist of patchwork fabrics.

If half of the skirt is in a strip, the latter may well be a floral print.

It looks very impressive leather and chiffon skirt. No less original and combine thin air tulle with a dense texture of denim.

Generally denim let you experiment. For mnogofakturnyh products denim suit after all better.

By the way, jeans, as such, too, often make mnogofakturnymi. Different shades of denim and density are perfectly combined in a denim product with each other.

Well as a combination of leather with lighter fabrics. And by the way if you put mnogofakturnoe asymmetrical product, the right to grow in the eyes of avid fashionistas. Asymmetric cut in the fashion of summer 2017 will not just popular, but very popular, as we have mention below.

Fashion summer 2017

Croy, colors, decor summer clothes 2017

Summer - it's time to bright. As we are we see throughout this article, summer wardrobe just have to be the same - a vivid and memorable. Transparent, mnogofakturnye fabric layering, underwear and pajama-style careless certainly will make your image a highlight.

Yet, to be aware of all the fashion victim must also dismantle some cuts, colors and prints in the most popular summer fashion 2017.

And so, the most fashionable print the entire 2017 - geometric strip.

Must have striped summer of 2017? All!

Starting from a hat, and ending with a manicure.

Fashion summer 2017

If you decide to buy a bag - take in the strip, if you decide to buy sandals - take in the strip, if you decide to make a trendy pedicure - depicted on the nails strips. Line on your dress can be both vertical and horizontal, and zig-zag, and intersecting ... arbitrary. All colors, all shades, all sight ...

Also in the spotlight in the summer of 2017 and will be the point of peas. They can also decorate your nails, bags and any products from the tissue.

Fashion summer 2017

As for the cut, the most popular in the warmer months will be free cutting. All light, weightless is very fashionable. Also indispensable is hit asymmetry.

Fashion summer 2017

That is, if you decide to buy a summer blouse or top, then let it will not be smooth, and the asymmetrical cut. For example, semicircle or cut diagonally. Asymmetry also traced on the catwalk at the top of clothing. Your summer shirt or dress may be asymmetrical straps. This is not only interesting, it is also very stylish.

Shirts on one shoulder - is another trend in the summer of 2017.

Fashion summer 2017

As we said at the beginning of this article, the most popular decors - embroidery, ryushiki, frills, bows and birdies. All that creates an additional amount, not only decorate your clothes, but also make you a fashion diva. designers often combined with asymmetric ruffles and make great models of dresses and blouses, one arm is decorated with ruffles.

With regard to the fashionable colors in 2017, so here's the right choice for you. The main thing is that your clothes were bright. These colors like blue and green - perfect leader. But the red, yellow and pink are not far behind the leaders.

Also very popular in the summer will lurex fabrics. Therefore, all that glitters is at the peak of its popularity. A sparkle can not only dresses and costumes, pants, and skirts, and jackets and other products.

Fashion summer 2017

Here's a she, fashion summer 2017. Different, original, interesting and novel.