Fashion blouses 2017

Fashion blouses 2017

Shirts for many years is an integral part of the base of the wardrobe of every woman. This is especially true wardrobe business woman. Blouses are widely used due to its characteristics perfectly combined with all garments with any style. Blouses look great with strict office trousers and skirts, as well as with jeans or shorts. In addition, they can be a part of an evening wardrobe paired with elegant long skirt. That is why all fashion designers are paying a very important place in their collections is the subject of women's wardrobe.

Fashion blouses 2017

Today we will talk with you about what blouses in fashion in 2017.

Fashion blouses 2017

Fashion styles of blouses

Fashion blouses 2017


Already gone are the days when they were fashionable blouses exceptionally slim silhouette. First of all, designers care about the convenience and comfort of women. Therefore, this season definitely becoming popular loose-fitting blouses.

Fashion blouses 2017

Style oversayz most affected in this feminine wardrobe. Blouses style oversayz have their own special charm and autumn fashionable and stylish look. At first glance it may seem that a woman shirt several sizes too big, but it is not. Blouses style oversayz may also have long and puffed sleeves.

This season will be very fashionable blouse with a bow, which leading designers performed in a completely different models and different colors. In this bow can be both sewn to the collar blouses, and a separate accessory. Also bow can be the same color as the blouse, and may be different from it, becoming the main focus of dress. Bow on some blouses can be fastened in several ways: from the side, in the center or on the chest. This will help you every time to look in a blouse in a new way. Shirts sleeveless

In recent years become very popular sleeveless blouses that can fit almost any ensemble. The most popular model is sleeveless blouse with a collar. It will look great with pants with a high waist pencil skirt or even with jeans.

Unique piece of women's wardrobe is blouse-body. It is both a blouse and beautiful underwear. The appearance of this Swimsuit blouses resembles it tight to the body due to the elastic sewn to the bottom of panties. Top-blouses body is no different from an ordinary blouse.

Fashion blouses 2017

Blouse-body has many different styles, so that every modern woman can express their individuality.

Fashion blouses 2017

Blouse-body can have long and short sleeve, and perhaps entirely without sleeves. Also various therein may be neckline. Blouses-body may be solid, with zipper or buttons, they look very sexy and original.

Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017

Shirts deflated shoulders

This model looks very sexy blouses and romantic, in it you will be able to show your beautiful shoulders and collarbone. The most winning color for these blouses - subtle shades of blue, pink, white and beige. With this blouse will look great denim: classic jeans, a mini skirt or suit. The most successful models of such blouses are voluminous sleeves. This can create a favorable contrast surround the bottom and top brittle. In such an outfit, you will look like a fantastic fairy.

Blouses retro seventies of the twentieth century are characterized by several parameters. First of all, this print. In such models, it is not mandatory, but rather an important part. Most popular prints of the 70s: a muted floral, zigzag or thin strip. Another important detail is the collar. It may also be different: it's stand-up collar, and a spectacular neck bow, which can be fastened, leaving long ends to be romantic to develop the wind. These blouses 2017 designers recommend combining a pencil skirt with a slit up to the thigh or with jeans with a high waist. Especially popular are blouses with business women. Fashionable business blouse 2017 combine simplicity, austere style and ease. Designers in their collections presented very unusual options such blouses. This singularity is represented mainly in the original forms of blouses, which immediately attract the attention of others. Recently blouse business style began to be used not only to business women, but also the ladies who are seeking thus to show your style and taste.

Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017

Blouse-shirt in men's style

Blouse-jacket in men's style has caused a furore in the last season. This season is no exception. Back in fashion contrasts, where the frail woman's beauty stands out from the rough masculine form. This season stylists recommend wearing a shirt buttoned only half or not at all buttoned. Thus, you can create a unique provocative image.

Necklines of blouses depend largely on the style of the model. For example, the business involves a modest blouse collar, and casual style ethnic areas - a round neck. In a large number of fashionable blouses - V-neck.

Very fashionable this season, open and candid blouse of transparent fabrics. It washes also be lace, lace or fine mesh. This season, the fashion figure fitting tops with sleeves, as well as evening options blouses with embroidery or sequins. Some models fashion blouses are made of a strong fabric and decorated with transparent inserts on the sleeves and back. These blouses are ideal for discotheques and parties, they will help you to create a festive image. The most successful such blouse look in black.

Fashionable this season will also be bustier blouse with basques, with the smell and other asymmetric details.

Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017

blouses with puffed sleeves

This season, becoming popular blouses with sleeves-lanterns. The length of the sleeves in such models is not important, it may be either long or short. These blouses perfectly with casual and dressy clothing.

For cooler weather are perfect trendy this season turtleneck blouses with long sleeves and a high neck.

Fashion blouses 2017

Shirts in folk style

Very interesting trend this season are blouses in a folk style. The features of such models are unusual cuts in the chest, high collars, free silhouette, natural fabrics and folk characteristic patterns and ornaments. They are perfect for romantic and gentle girls will be perfectly complemented by the gentle fitting trousers or skirts, bright colors. Blouses in a folk style are perfect for everyday wear. But not necessarily to combine them with a skirt. Try more extravagant option - combine blouse in folk style with torn jeans model boyfriend or with the tabernacle. If you don a blouse for walking, combine it with a shoe on the go low, for example, with sneakers or ballet flats. As accessories suitable shopper bag or any other bag made of cloth on a long strap.

Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017

Layered blouses

Multilayer blouses this season will also be trendy. They will be able to approach the girls, who have extra weight. The multi-layer blouse has the ability to hide figure flaws. Such models are often found in fashion shows spring-summer collections of famous designers.

Fashion blouses 2017

Blouses with sleeves from the grid

Another unusual trend of the season 2017 - blouses with sleeves from the grid. This creates the impression that the arms and not at all. This piece will give together in business style a little bit of romanticism and tenderness. However, they are just as well will look in the youth clothing, for example, with the same fashionable this season, ripped jeans.

Fashion blouses 2017

Blouses with scarf

Also gaining popularity blouse with a scarf. We should not rush to tie the scarf, it will at least look beautiful, if it develops in the wind. This will give the female form of airiness and lightness. This blouse is suitable even for skirts and trousers of a very dense fabric. In addition, designers are in such models sometimes play with textures. For example, Roberto Cavalli supplemented chiffon blouse scarf satin.

Fashion designers this year have presented a large number of blouses with ruffles. Ruffles presented as shuttlecocks asymmetric bibs and Decorative ruffles, which do not have special meaning.

In the collections of many fashion designers are found elongated blouses that looks very reminiscent of tunics. It is noteworthy that for such models are used a variety of fabrics - from the dense satin to transparent grid, from the classic knitwear to unusual and original fabrics that resemble the skin of reptiles. Such models blouses perfectly combined with short trousers and skirts, midi.

These concise blouses in their tailoring is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. They can complement cuffs with thin elastic bands or slightly bomber sleeve flashlight. It is these details can give a unique and attractive fashionable this season single cut blouses.

Fashion blouses 2017

The intricate design of

Commonplace at fashion shows have become extraordinary items of women's wardrobe. Especially popular are the blouses with huge quantity of various flounces and draperies. Such products are hardly suitable for the office, but in the grand event will be indispensable.

The key to any beauty blouse is expensive and high-quality fabric from which it is made.

Lace blouses Blouses with lace continues to be very popular in the 2017 season. They can be simple and elegant, romantic and playful.

This season, styles lace blouses are very democratic. Sophisticated lace and lace-known designers include many models of blouses, and they make the model entirely of lace.

Fashion blouses 2017

There are models of fashionable lace blouses, which are made without any lining. They are intended to show underwear. At the present time from this beautiful diaper designers sew blouses not only, but also tunics, dresses and skirts.

Fashion blouses 2017

guipure clothing has a different purpose, there are even versions of Office. Most lace blouses suitable for slim women.

Today, no one designer could not get past the blouses of chiffon. This is not surprising, because this light airy fabrics like designed for delicate and refined ladies, it is able to make their way of charm. At the peak of popularity are models chiffon blouses in the style of the fifties of the twentieth century.

Fashion blouses 2017

Classic chiffon white blouse is also quite frequently encountered in many fashion shows. These blouses are ideal for almost every woman. The only exceptions are women who have very pale skin color. This blouse is versatile enough, it is perfectly compatible with all garments. Particularly elegant look this blouse is on tanned skin. Chiffon blouse white color can make you younger and refresh the complexion, so stylists recommend it especially to those women who are over forty.

Silk blouse has a very high quality and high value. However blouses because of this natural material have many advantages.

Fashion blouses 2017

Silk fabric is very durable and is not electrified, it is also perfectly breathable. In the summer of this blouse will you cool in the winter - on the contrary, you will be able to warm up.

Fashion blouses 2017

silk blouse looks great in every style, it can become part of office dress code, casual evening clothes.

Silk blouses may be different: strict, romantic, flying, black and transparent. In addition, silk is able to relieve irritation, improve circulation, and sometimes even alleviate muscle pain.

Satin fabric tends to drape beautifully and emphasize the curves of the female body. This material for blouses is unrivaled. Blouses made of satin look simply luxurious, whichever cut you choose. This season, Satin blouses are presented in pajama style, although, of course, will be better to look more feminine model. Combine these blouses can be quite dense bottom: leather, suede, fur and tweed.

Knitted blouses are still fashionable and can perfectly fit into the strict office style. Their brilliant versions will look great in the evening and the style of grunge style.

Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017

Leather blouses

The present trend of this season are blouses of the skin. Leather blouses can be combined with a business suit and even with fashionable this season fur skirts. Also suitable for leather blouses clothes in a grunge style in the daily or evening wardrobe.

Fashion 2017 offers to try on a bright shiny blouses with all kinds of finish. Will it be metallized fabrics, shiny embroidery or embroidered with sequins fabric - all this season acceptable.

Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017

coloring fashion blouses 2017

Fashion blouses 2017

For several seasons last battle between two of the most popular trends in the world of blouses - monochrome colors and bright prints. However, this does not prevent them from successfully coexist and be equally fashionable. Every woman can choose fashionable blouse to your liking. Among the plain blouses this season especially popular are the classic white and black blouse. Also popular gray blouse tide will look spectacular. Also popular this season became blouse pale pink, sky blue, soft yellow, blue, beige and olive colors. It may seem that such colors blouses quite restrained. But how could it be otherwise, because the blouse - is, above all, the object of the business office style. However, many fashion designers in their collections widely reported blouse with original, even slightly careless prints.

Today, at the peak of popularity in the form of prints of watercolor brush strokes, abstract ethnic patterns, careless children's drawings, animalistic and floral prints. Also remain popular bar and the cage.

Fashion blouses 2017

White blouses

About the white blouse is not remembered as much as ten years. However, time has made its own adjustments, and white blouse again appeared in the collections of the hottest fashion designer. Fashion white blouses different interesting decorative elements and details, as well as unusual brim. White is able to make a woman younger, so it is perfect for women aged.

Black color will become fashionable again. In recent years, it is often found in the form of Gothic. A special place among the things that help create this image, stretch lead black blouse. Most often they are loose cut, stand-up collar and cuffs on the sleeves. blouses also look great with a V-neck blouses and rigorous models of different materials, including leather.

Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017

Shirts striped cell and

Among the fashionable colors of blouses in 2017 continue to be popular bar and the cage. Strip and cage decorated with cotton, silk and satin blouses or shirts.

Fashion blouses 2017 Fashion blouses 2017

Animal print

This season, well represented blouses model animalistic prints. The catwalk difiliruyut various chanterelles and stoats, and other animals. Restrictions in the selection of animals does not exist. The main condition - the shirt should be perfectly cut. These blouses are most suitable for women with red hair, or sand colors. The present trend of 2017 season gets lip print with prints, which should be included in your wardrobe modern fashionistas.

graphic prints

Still popular are the blouses with graphic prints. Also, stylists advise to pay attention to the leopard print jacquard and all kinds of colors, as well as a variety of colors, colors reminiscent of scarves.

The decor trendy blouses season 2017

Designers offer to decorate blouses this season as follows:

• Butterfly

• Tie

• Szabo

• Surface collar

• Fringe

• Patch

• Embroidery

• Application

• Lightning

• Buttons on the back

• Bows

The most relevant in this season are decorated blouse with frill, which may suit both ladies aged and very young girls. These models are versatile enough, depending on the model and color they can come and for the office, and for the grand occasion.

But the designers did not stop only at the frill. To achieve even greater originality, the designers went to all sorts of tricks. For example, Dolce & Gabbana adorned their models with original applications and patches, Marchesa and Balmain - fringe, Christian Dior - patch collars, Chanel, Saint Laurent and Roberto Cavalli - ties and butterflies, and Versace chose to decorate their models transparent blouses colored signature embroidery.

Of course, in such a variety of fashionable blouses it is not difficult to get lost. The main principles that should guide the choice of blouses, this is how you this blouse goes and how it will be combined with other items in your wardrobe. In addition, the shirt should fit in style to the event for which it is intended. Well it is, if blouse will help you look younger and more attractive and to attract the attention of the opposite sex. But most importantly, that you are in this blouse feel great. After all, in order for us and acquire new things to our mood improved and we were able to finally feel like a real queen.