Popular Today trends 70s

Popular Today trends 70s

His huge variety still amaze us with popular trends of the seventies of the last century. Clothing, crochet, flowers, psychedelic prints, boots and the emergence of the punk style ... The choice is huge. However, we'll tell you about the trends of the seventies, which are now also are at the peak of popularity.

It was in the seventies, like in any other era, cinema and music is so tightly intertwined. The seventies are some abroad, which still retains a free spirit hippie, but at this time already are emerging punk, pop and rock music, and, of course, incendiary disco. The music scene goes galaxy of legendary artists.

No less than musical trends, while it was the fashion trends. Some of them even came from the sixties, while others were born in the seventies it.


The fate of the seventies cinema's. There seems to overlook the beautiful legendary films such as "Taxi Driver," directed by Martin Scorsese, but already very popular start to use emerging spaghetti westerns. It is because of these films in fashion is a mandatory attribute of the costumes of all Indians - fringe. Mods quickly picked up the idea and began to sew fringe literally everything: jackets, to jewelry and handbags.

In 2016, as the fringe is so much that it will flow down the waterfall with your clothes, so that fashion stores will resemble the dressing cowboy movies.

Popular Today trends 70s


More and more often in the second half of the seventies disco music sounds. Opened trendy disco clubs and short dress covered by this scales of sequins and glitter. Strengthens position disco finally released film with John Travolta called "Saturday Night Fever". Of course, in everyday life we ​​do not suggest you start wearing shiny short dresses, but for the evening, they may well come up.

Popular Today trends 70s


Another trend that came into fashion of cowboy westerns, is suede clothing. Generally clothes in ethnic style in vogue back in the sixties. Here and exotic prints and dresses, stylized Indian saris clothing, as well as interesting bracelets made of wood.

If you also want to be like a modern Pocahontas, you can safely choose a skirt made of suede, which should be supplemented with a blouse with a V-neck and moccasins.

Popular Today trends 70s


Trousers flared

Back in the sixties, women having fun start to dress in tunics, loose tunics and trendy jeans. In the seventies, the desire for freedom of people is increasing. After winning the election of Margaret Thatcher, who in 1979 became the first woman prime minister of the UK, gender equality is already becoming apparent. Therefore, in the women's locker room pants take pride of place.

One of the tenets of fashion Seventies style becomes a "unisex". This decade produces many models of jeans, but most fashionable of them are just flared jeans. In our time, such models also will delight you with its diversity. Such Pants must be worn with heels, and it is desirable that they are stable and square.

Popular Today trends 70s


Such clothing like overalls, was already working clothes, a bathing suit and uniforms - everything except fashion garment. However, it was in the seventies it has become very popular and fashionable trend. In the era of iconic musicians on their performances often wore overalls, and their fans, who wanted to be like their idols, then picked up the fashion, and has since become a fashionable clothes jumpsuit. This season we will also see a large number of different models of suits, made in pastel or bright colors, with a strong silhouette and flared. Overalls can be combined with virtually any shoes, so feel free to wear sneakers, ballet flats, sandals or shoes.

Popular Today trends 70s

Bright scarves

As an essential attribute of the seventies are bright scarves of different colors and sizes of acid. They wore them as different ways: as a tie as a headband, and even as a bracelet. Can this season to try to experiment with the two prints and add to the shirt mottled color contrast bandanna with fine print.

Popular Today trends 70s


In previous decades remained challenging hats, which needed appropriate clothing. In the seventies, the most popular are hats that are soft and wide fields. Almost all of the heroine of the film's wear such a hat, which is perfectly combined with fur coats, sheepskin coats, long dresses, and even men's suits.

Popular Today trends 70s