Grunge style

In this article, "Fashion" will acquaint with stylish direction as grunge style. If you do not accept the generally accepted laws and are not used to look like most people, then you close this style. The birthplace of fashion trends - America, where the true rebels live.

Grunge style

Style Origin

Americans Grange called something unpleasant and repulsive. Hence, the essence of style that come from rock music. Seattle is the birthplace of fashion trends. It was from this town came bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jeam and Nirvana. Rock band changed view of reality, that created a new subculture.

Grunge style

grunge style for those who do not follow the changing fashion, who are against the glitz and luxury clothing who rebel spirit. Fashion trend prefer, mostly young people, however, and older ladies can afford rebellious decision in clothes, not taking into account all the stylish direction.

Today grunge style is increasingly gaining momentum, fashion catwalks are collections in this style. So, if there are rules for the rebels and they love to dress fans of Kurt Cobain.

Grunge style

Features grunge style

Famous musician Kurt Cobain - the founder of "Nirvana" group in the late 80-ies. - I became a fan of his role model.

grunge style fans look like the homeless, but that was their goal. Granzhisty always took glamor, glitz and glamor. This is especially close to those who did not grow up in wealth and could not afford expensive fashion items.

Grunge style

Simple flannel shirts, sweaters worn stretched, frayed jeans, do not comb your hair - it was a representation of grunge style. Grunge fans did their best to prove to society that spiritual values ​​are more important than material. That is, no matter how you look, the main thing that you have in mind. First, who demonstrated this trend in fashion, fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who in the early 90s. released a grunge collection impressed creative music ensembles and outfits ordinary youth.

Fashion collection was a huge success and it is not surprising, because the designer painstakingly created their offspring - visited nightclubs, made sketches on the streets. Despite the fact that the world is not quite colleagues took a new trend in fashion, designer Jacobs is an absolute success so far.

Grunge style embodies a certain freedom, style without rules. Grunge is rightly considered the most provocative fashion trend today.

garnzh style Clothing

grunge style clothes - a combination of several styles - the hippie and punk. If you decide to replenish the ranks of granzhistov to get started is to purchase a flannel shirt, preferably in a cell. These things are worth buying in second hand shops or commission, that is. E. The clothes should be wear and is slightly larger. It is in these robes modern granzhisty remind children 90 who could not afford to buy new things, and wore flannel things parents, brothers and sisters.

Grunge style

Shirts can be combined with stretched-shirts alcoholics or faded T-shirts with a picture of your favorite artist. Also, this topic will be sweaters and cardigans in oversize style, stretched and kashlatye. Coats and jackets must also be worn on a size or two more than what you normally wear.

If you are fans of jeans suit torn and frayed options for this style. By the way, worn and torn necessary to create your own, instead of purchasing the boutique model with artificial lacunae. Fashion jeans, it is desirable to select a free and color - dark. For the summer are perfect denim shorts with rough edges. The main thing in selecting clothes in a grunge style, do not adhere to the generally accepted rules and aesthetics. So do not wonder if Mike comes to trousers and do match the color of things. For style is characterized by multi-layered grunge - half-unbuttoned shirt, worn on a t-shirt, and on top - a jacket or sweater. In the case of shorts, they can be put on top of nylon tights, specially broken in some places. Summer dress in a small flower with falling down straps can be combined with men's trousers or flared jeans.

grunge style Shoes

Once the style of grunge became popular, its representatives were voluminous jackets and sweaters. For granzhistov main clothing comfort, rather than what they look like. Therefore, in this volume should be used top of the massive shoes. The ideal solution would be army boots with thick soles in the likeness "Grinders" or "Martins". Fans of "Alice in Chains", "Soundgarden", "Pearl Jeam" do not prefer to wear studs and other exquisite shoes. And no wonder, because these shoes are very comfortable.

Excellent option in the warm season are shoes for young people. Another version of shoes in grunge style - high model, covering the ankle without a hint of sophistication and sexiness.

Hairstyle grunge style

grunge style fans choose to wear long hair, with it, both women and men. It is very appropriate to be painted a bright shade of hair is not natural to the regrown roots.

Grunge style

Also, to complete the image in grunge style, will help with hair styling yesterday. This "not fresh" stacking can be fastened in a sloppy bun on the nape with the help of pins, and the old foam and yesterday hairspray guarantee long existence, decaying strands give a certain charm. Also for women who prefer to look in grunge style suit disheveled braid, which can be artificial or natural (walking with scythe few days).

Grunge style

For style is characterized by asymmetry of grunge, so would be appropriate hair styling on one side, imitation shaven temple, you can also slay the hair with one hand, and on the other to make a magnificent bouffant. Asymmetry refers to haircuts, that it is desirable to wear without pilings, allowing the hair to grow and go per se.

Grunge style

Make-up should not be left unattended. Granzhistki selected red or maroon lipstick and eye isolated using black pencil and dark shadows that abundantly deposited on the lower eyelid. Main grunge eye makeup - create the effect of a sleepless night.

A complete transformation in a grunge style - self-expression, the priority of the spiritual over the material goods, and therefore - lack of glamor and luxury pins. Grunge style - quite simply, normal life style without ornaments.