Summer things that need to get rid

Summer things that need to get rid

Every year in your wardrobe you can find things that are not relevant in this season, or you do not size. It is strange that some women continue to wear them no matter what. After all, these things make you worse, disrupt your body's proportions, besides they are clearly out of fashion. Today we present you the hits most unfortunate in this season of summer things, from which you would be best to just get rid of.

Socks with sandals

Of course, at this point it is not necessary to enlist literally all the options. After all, can be very good combination of fine and beautiful sandals socks, moreover, that such a combination is the trend of the season. But simple cotton socks in combination with sandals with Velcro - is not only a crime against fashion, but also against the very concept of beauty.

As an alternative may not be sporting sandals and more urban variant thereof. Well, it is best to wear them, of course, on his bare feet.

Summer things that need to get rid

The clothes are not your size

Nowadays there is a becoming bodipozitiva, that is, a movement that encourages us to love ourselves as we are. If you prefer not to sit on a diet and do not engage in sports and you do not care what people think about you around, you can wear anything that you want. However, if you still want to look good, do not yourselves tops, which would demonstrate your tummy is not a perfect or jeans or pants that are very fitting shape. This also we shall place and thin knitted things. An excellent option for you may be a skinhead jeans, leggings, as well as free light trousers. Such things will be perfectly combined with sneakers and running shoes. Also, you will approach a loose clothing and wide pants with a high seating position.

Summer things that need to get rid

Tights with open shoes

Tights, even with the shoes with a slightly open toes will look horrible. But the most unfortunate combination is red, light, or with a touch of metallic shoes with black tights. If your office dress code implies pantyhose even in the heat, you can replace pantyhose stockings on, you will be able to put before the working day straight to work, and then to easily and quickly remove them.

unsuccessful will also watch sports shoes, such as sneakers and running shoes, coupled with tights. The very combination of skirts and sports shoes are very relevant in this season, but you will look wildly, eating at the same time put on tights, go to worse, stockings. With sports shoes fit only short socks or special posledniki fitted with silicone tape.

Alternative - open shoes on bare feet or shoes with tights.

Summer things that need to get rid


Summer boots

Quite amazing how many fans have such a strange shoes, like knitted boots. Year after year, something makes more women buy their own such shoes. Sometimes it seems that no one is evil and will never be able to banish. If you are a fan of high summer shoes, buy a sandal-gladiators.

Summer things that need to get rid

Sneakers wedges

Once upon a time these shoes were invented by the designer Isabelle Maran, which cost three hundred euros and was very fond of women. Therefore, all the manufacturers immediately seized on the idea and began to make a shoe that has already cost no more than thirty euro. Over time, probably already forgotten Isabelle herself that once invented a shoe, and the girls still wear the intricate design for any occasion. Modern running shoes should be light and comfortable, and have a sleek design. The best global brands each year designed these shoes with a precision worthy of the construction of spaceships. And you are still wearing the uncomfortable and unfashionable tankette.

Wear comfortable and light, modern running shoes and enjoy life.

Summer things that need to get rid

Denim breeches

Despite the fact that denim is at the peak of popularity, and from it manufactured various types of clothing and accessories, it is not a jeans breeches this year. Nothing wrong with them there, and your figure they will not spoil, but you look at them will be as if he came from the beginning of the century. it is necessary to you?

The most successful alternative to denim breeches become bermudas and Pantaloons.

Summer things that need to get rid

Perforated leather

Leave the last absolutely all things made of perforated leather. In our time of technology allow for the skin, which does not take nor fire, nor knife. Sometimes it even seems that with products from perforated leather is the same story. They have long been no one produces, but still from time to time there are men and women who wear the carved shoes. This year's fashion patent and matte leather, straw and textiles. In general, wear whatever you want, but not perforated leather.

Summer things that need to get rid

Posledniki and tights

Generally, posledniki were designed for comfort, and they have nothing criminal. Wear them with shoes having high sides, such as sneakers, running shoes, and slipony Brogo. But in shoes with low-cut favorite pair poslednikov will treacherously peek.

Nylon socks can also be attributed to the strangest things. They can be seen everywhere and always, even from afar. They should throw all of her wardrobe.

However, the strangest, perhaps, are the tights, which are provided with openings for the fingers. Who and when invented them, and most importantly, what remains unknown.

Summer things that need to get rid