How to dress for women with large breasts?

How to dress for women with large breasts?

Of course, big breasts - it's beautiful. However, one thing to look at it, and another thing - to wear. Owners of large breasts are always complaining that they are very difficult to pick out the right clothes.

Today we will tell you what to wear to owners of large breasts, and what to avoid.

Avoid decorations in the chest area

Any décor in the chest area is able to visually make your breasts even more, so you should avoid all kinds of large breast pockets, frills, frill collars and other decorative elements on the chest. Exquisite Peter Pan collar and a neat turn-down collar will look at you much better.

Owners of large breasts go all kinds of dresses and blouses with a smell that can generate for you a perfect silhouette, as well as a neat V-neck.

Look, it increases the volume of the breast decoration on dress Ani Lorak, and looks great as a dress with a smell on Beyonce.

How to dress for women with large breasts?

Avoid tight clothes in

All sorts of tight dresses, blouses, T-shirts or sweaters to women with magnificent breasts just contraindicated. If this is your clothes will also ribbed, your figure will be similar to the one big bust on his feet. Breast strips between optically increase, which will add unwanted volume to you.

Relaxed silhouettes in clothes and delicate fabrics fit busty women much more. This does not mean that you should wear a dimensionless robes. Instead of the thick cotton shirts, wear thin blouse from chiffon or silk sweaters and choose thin and with a V-neck, which will be half a size bigger. See how snugly the chest dress Kate Alton, and how beautiful Sophia subjected in a simple thin shirt.

How to dress for women with large breasts?

Turtleneck - your main enemy of

Sweater or sweatshirt with a high collar can distort your shape recognition. They will create the impression that your chest is located somewhere in the abdomen.

You will be sure to show the collarbone. Selects a free T-shirt or dress with cutout. This little trick will make your figure more elegant.

See how horrible looks turtleneck Anne Semenovich, and came as a great V-neck Scarlett Johansson.

How to dress for women with large breasts?

The right cut

Another enemy of your ample bosom will be deep neckline and cut to the navel. Particularly badly in these notches will appear all sorts of pendants on long chains, which seem to get stuck between her breasts.

You will approach a little round or V-neck. If you have at the same time narrow shoulders, then choose a boat neckline.

The image of Svetlana Loboda to save even a perfect classic combination of black and white, but Dita Von Teese well chosen dress.

How to dress for women with large breasts?

The right choice of hose

You will not under any circumstances can not wear things with sleeves "bat". Such sleeves completely distort your proportions. And if you do not want to look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, it is best to choose another type of hose.

It is also not the best choice for you will be puffed sleeves. Lush chest and shoulders are the same lush - it's too much. All other sleeves are acceptable to you. Indulge in free models of T-shirts, blouses or shirts.

Not the best style of dress chosen in this case, Kim Kardashian, but Christina Hendricks will give us a good example.

How to dress for women with large breasts?

Avoid large prints or inscriptions in the chest area of ​​

No portraits of favorite stars, cartoon characters or other patterns in the breast area should not be. Any images on your breasts will increase in volume and change their proportions. You do not want to have your favorite Brad Pitt and Mickey Mouse fun for you looked as if they had just povyryvali wisdom teeth.

Of course, Pamela Anderson has done an excellent advertisement for his girlfriend, but buttoning buttons she should not have. But Blake Lively chose a neutral fabric and colors.

Also, you should avoid animalistic prints to not look vulgar. In closed blouses or dresses "will slide" your breasts on my stomach, and tight on the chest the things you will look not so.

How to dress for women with large breasts?

What to do?

Choose small geometric patterns, small dots or thin asymmetrical strip. If you choose the right color, you'll look charming.

He made a bad choice of Mariah Carey. And cut-outs, and an abundance of sequins, and the length of the dress and even the mesh tights - all by. Stylist Penelope Cruz works much better.

How to dress for women with large breasts?

Avoid thin straps

It should be noted that the size of the bust is fully compatible with thin straps. Well, if your bust more about this is worth considering. Your magnificent bust thin straps can easily turn into strings, and it may even seem that they are about to burst. In addition, you will be much more difficult to choose the right lingerie under the thin straps. Pick yourself with things neat cuffs, in them you will look much better. And pick up a bra with no problems.

Though Anfisa Chekhov has chosen and not the thin straps, still gives the impression that they are now tear. But Halle Berry picked up and decorated, and suitable clothing.

How to dress for women with large breasts?

Avoid clothing is not the size of

Trying on a dress or a blouse, try to make sure that no gaps are formed between the buttoned buttons. Better still in the dressing room to see that this thing does not suit you, than goof in public. Make sure your bra from under blouses are not peeking.

Look how wrong-chosen clothes can spoil any image.

How to dress for women with large breasts?