What is worth buying at the summer sales?

What is worth buying at the summer sales?

Summer sales are a great opportunity to fill up your autumn wardrobe, while saving money. Let us now see what we can on these sales to buy and how much to save.


Good quality jeans, you can buy without a twinge of conscience solely on sales. Of course, here it does not go on trendy models that are already out of fashion tomorrow. However, direct classical models with medium or high landing you can buy without hesitation. The most important thing - it is to choose the right size. Good quality jeans classic colors you really need in winter and autumn.

Take a closer look to the classic Levi's jeans or British brand Topshop, which is famous boyfriends or sitting perfectly Mom Jeans. It is also unlikely in the near future will be held fashion flared jeans or fully on the retro seventies. Therefore, you can safely buy and such models, however, they must have a high land, and trouser legs should not drag on the ground. Flared not tolerate any sport shoes, pick them under the shoes with heels or Clog.

What is worth buying at the summer sales?


Of course, should prepare the sleigh in summer. Priceless booty will be your parks, denim jackets or bomber. They are now very much in the stores, so that even with discounts, you'll be able to pick up a suitable model. Jackets made of thick fabric you can still carry until October or even longer. Also look for an interesting black leather jackets, because it could itself provide eternal life and is a basic wardrobe list. And today is not be limited to the models of classic black or brown colors. Get yourself a black leather jackets or cherry red color. Your bright leather jackets will be able to please you, even on a cloudy autumn day.

What is worth buying at the summer sales?


Find a good fitting shirt is much more complicated than it may seem to you at first glance. Perfect shirt can be made like men, and can be a little form-fitting. Or you can even buy a man's shirt. However, there may be some nuances. For example, a very thin girls men's shirts will seem very large.

Pay attention not only on plain shirt, but also on the shirts with fun prints that you can wear to work on Friday, and then it is to go to have fun, even without going home to change clothes.

What is worth buying at the summer sales?


Shoes and bags

Gone already are the days when the dark color is considered totally unsuitable for the summer. All kinds of accessories, such as purses, bags, shoes and many others expect when you come to them. Summer discounts - it's a good excuse to get new shoes, Lofer, ballet flats or some other fashionable shoes at attractive prices. Discounts already crossed the mark of fifty percent and you should hurry to the shops and boutiques to indulge in new clothes.

What is worth buying at the summer sales?


Linen is never too much, and trends in the underwear fashion - the concept is very conditional. Well, who cares about fashion bras and panties? Summer discounts - this is a great opportunity to pick up a daily linen or linen for a special occasion. Be sure to pay attention to their underwear Nude shades, which is now worn under white clothes.

What is worth buying at the summer sales?


The term "longsliv" combines virtually all the clothes with long sleeves. It can be both cardigans and sweatshirts, and shirts and even hoodies. On the sale of cashmere sweaters, unfortunately you can not count, but to get to the cool autumn evenings beautiful hoodie you can easily.

What is worth buying at the summer sales?


The absolute trend of this summer - underwear style is also in vogue in the fall and winter. Designers offer us to wear dresses-combinations over turtlenecks and complement leather jacket and rough boots. An ensemble looks pretty good, especially because almost all of these things you can buy at the summer sales.

How can you use the sale to the max?

• Do not go to extremes on sales. Do not rush to get things out of the base of the wardrobe, such as shirts, pants, or cardigan with lurex. Also, do not take trendy items that next season will have time to go out of fashion. Choose a happy medium - high-quality clothing made from natural fabrics. Wool or silk pants, dresses and shirts with an interesting design and impeccable brim. • Do not go on sale the day of the salary. After all, you do not have time to even blink an eye, how to spend all the money on a completely unnecessary things.

• objectively related to your purchases. Purchase less, but better.

• Walk on the sale of the morning. Select specifically for this some day and purposefully go shopping. In the morning trading halls are empty, many of the goods and no one will disturb you.

• If you are unsure whether or not to buy a certain thing, you should consider at least an hour. And even better to sleep with this thought. Weigh the pros and cons and think well, how much you need this thing and how often you wear it. So you do not try to sell it for a much lower cost.