Modern alternative wedding dress

Modern alternative wedding dress

The image of the bride at all associated with a magnificent white dress and veil. However, this traditional attire of the bride has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, it is very inconvenient to move around and get into the car in a lush volume skirt. There are a few figures, which will tulle, rhinestones and white. In addition, it is worth a pay a lot of money, but you can wear it only once in a lifetime. Therefore, many modern brides choose an alternative white dress. Today we talk about the fact that the bride can wear except white dress.

Trouser suit

The suit is not the prerogative of the bride. Beautiful tuxedo or trouser suit, made in the best tradition of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent look great and will also be on the bride. To supplement this costume will be the traditional court shoes, red lipstick and necklace-choker.

The most courageous bride can wear a jacket directly on the naked body, buttoned it at the same time all the buttons.

Modern alternative wedding dress


This trendy feminine wardrobe there are a lot of different advantages. Overalls do not need any accessories, as he perfectly underlines the figure and does not hinder movement. Moreover, you can combine jumpsuit with absolutely any shoes, and she should not have to be on his heels. They are perfect for even the wedding sandals or ballet flats. Also, you can not use the usual white color and choose the red, fuchsia or wine that you will look great.


Fashionable and romantic dress, the combination is not only very topical, but also quite dangerous subject of women's wardrobe, because it can turn your wedding into a party in style pajama. To avoid this, throw with him a jacket, black leather jackets or elongated jacket. Of flowers can become the most successful graphite gray or gold.


Is not the first season in the clothing dominates popular style of the seventies of the last century in the form of jackets with fringe, round glasses, as well as in the form of embroidery or lace crochet. Among this hippie clothes you can pick up a blouse with flared sleeves, as well as a dress or a tight skirt in floor length. This outfit will perfectly complement a wreath or a bouquet of wildflowers that perfectly replace the veil. This option is perfectly suitable for a wedding in the countryside.

Pencil skirt and crop top

Win-win option for slim bride will narrow skirt, slightly covering the knees, and a halter top. Such an image can be supplemented by all kinds of accessories, such as veil, a great decoration and even temporary golden tattoo flash, which will decorate the bare areas of the bride's body. After the wedding, you can wear these things and work, and on the beach.


Today, it is not every bride's wedding considers the most important holiday in your life. But even if you think of the wedding ceremony as a mere formality, to neglect their appearance you still should not be. Tight pants combined with elegant topom with the Basque Country and a small wedding bouquet will help you look like a bride, not as a woman who came to file for divorce.