Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style

Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style

grunge style can be rightly called a real rebellion against traditional concepts of glamor and beauty. The ideology of grunge style incorporated a variety of ideas, including the idea of ​​the primacy of the spiritual over the material, hence the attitude to fashion as something not very serious. Therefore, the whole style of grunge turned into a real protest against the fashion trends.

People live by the rules and conventions of all kinds. In the office, it is sure to come in strict business clothing, and in the club - in brilliant. And while we are at it have long been accustomed, still it is nothing like a regular convention and the usual restrictions.

Violation of these concepts the company is perceived as a provocation and rebellion. A person who violates these principles demonstrates its indifference to the public all sorts of rules and to public opinion.

Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style

Although in fact people, completely indifferent to the opinion of others still do not exist. Grunge style in its essence it is not a demonstration of indifference to public opinion, and to all sorts of rules and regulations. This does not mean that the followers of this style declare their selfishness and pride, they simply consider themselves above the crowd, and reserve the right to violate the canons and standards of beauty.

In addition, followers of this style very much like to shock the public and to attract attention.

Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style

A bit of history

France's credibility in the fashion industry reeled in the late twentieth century, so was born a new style. Grunge translated means unpleasant, untidy and repulsive. Hereby it becomes mainstream neglect their own wardrobe. And if everyone in Europe initially scoffed at American manners, that soon they were taken very seriously.

Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style

It happened when young people began to dress in jeans, chewing gum and drinking Coke. Young people really wanted to look independent and free. She was tired of the bright masquerade style disco. Young people began to imitate his idol - Kurt Cobain, and sought to stand out from the crowd in this way.

It was the leader of "Nirvana" of the group was to promote the grunge style among the youth. However, he did it unconsciously. At first glance, it seemed to all that he appears on the stage dressed in horrible, but young people began to copy this style.

Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style

In the early nineties grunge style in formal fashion came thanks to the American designer Marc Jacobs and his fashion collection. This designer is very interested in youth style clothes and style of the marginalized sections of society.

The rest of the fashion designers did not believe that this style will become fashionable for a long time and will be promising. And for some time they were not taken for the creation of clothes in a grunge style. However, after the people who want to dress in a style began to dress in second-hand, they have revised their views.

The distinctive features of grunge style are dimensionless wear, scrapes and holes and scarred boots. Well, the most common probably become holes and slots on the jeans. Currently, these jeans can be found in the collections of fashion designers.

Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style

Modern grunge style

Now the original idea of ​​style grand lost. Wrestlers with fashion it could not win. And it is not surprising, because the fashion to win beyond the power of anyone, it was, is and will be, because it is able to adjust and by the desire of ordinary people to dress. Therefore, it will create exactly what is claimed today. One of the most striking examples of mindless combat system is the image of Ernesto Che Gavar. All his life he fought against the capitalists, and they killed him and made them his image, which began to print on clothes and get paid for it by selling the clothes the other dreamers.

Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style

At present, the apparent deterioration of clothing that looks like it was pulled from my grandmother's trunk, made of quality materials and is quite expensive, so it is many can not afford.

Grunge has become a fashionable style, whose features can be traced in the collections of many fashion designers. Therefore, today you can already buy clothes in this style even for the red carpet. Therefore, we can safely say that the ideology of this style has long been forgotten, and modern style grunge teamed up with luxury and perfectly caught in a fashion with which he initially struggled.

Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style

Features grunge style

• The main idea of ​​this style is the convenience, looseness and relaxation movements. The surrounding must not look at the appearance, and behavior.

• The effect of aging, wear things. However, keep in mind that things should only look old, but be of good quality and new. If you just put on old clothes, it will not be grunge style.

• Worn and torn jeans. These jeans can be attributed not only to this style, but also to the punk subculture. However, modern ripped jeans should be sewn from expensive fabrics and expensive accessories.

• Baggy cardigans, sweaters stretched and wrinkled shirts.

• Classic vest.

• Shirts flannel considered the foundation of this style and suitable for both men and women. In different ways you can wear them: buttoned, unbuttoned and tied at the hips. Plaid shirt in combination with leather skirt and vest or T-shirt and torn tights are suitable for the creation of a rebellious image. • Backpack

• Small defects in accessories and clothing, such as tightening the pellets that fell rivet or ragged edges. However, remember that it must be artificially created defects.

• Cap like a gnome.

• Volumetric wear. Your things should look like filmed with another man. However, the volume should be balanced by fitting the top bottom.

• in grunge style shoes should be massive, bulky and heavy.

• Clothes in the style should be muted or darker colors. Acidic and bright shades in grunge style unacceptable.

Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style

Make-up and hairstyles

The hair did not shine, many girls use a dry shampoo and do light fleece. Hairstyle in grunge style does not even resemble what you were at the hairdresser. Matted and unwashed hair can be done with gel or varnish. Classic hair in this style is a pony tail or regular loose hair.

Make-up in this style should consist of black eyeliner and bright lipstick and mascara, or vice versa - an almost complete lack of makeup. For best results, make the focus on the eyes.

Grunge style has lost its original meaning and became a cog in the usual fashion, but he still teaches us not to judge people for the simple clothes.

Grunge style and fashion images in grunge style