The image of the office (photos)

It has long been included in our lexicon such a thing as a dress code - a set of specific rules that establish a specific dress code for your office and official events. Someone might say that adhere to the dress code - to drive themselves in the frame, while others, on the contrary, can transform an office or business style is quite fresh and interesting. "White top, black bottom!", As it was in the school, it is necessary to leave in the past, because today known designers are offering us different options for the office of images. Despite the fact that the office is very concise style, he also versatile, so do not give in fashion trends and always personable.

The image of the office (photos)

"Fashion" will give a few recommendations that will help to diversify your office wardrobe.

What women should not wear to the office?

The image of the office does not include the:

1. Mini, maxi and very tight skirts and dresses. Put to the skirt length was up to the middle of the knee or 9 cm above. In addition, it is considered bad form to wear a skirt without tights or stockings.

2. Trouser suit is still subject to controversy. Classic - a suit of a skirt and a jacket. If you still opted for trousers, preference should be given a bit of a free direct models with high seating position, in which the clasp back or side.

3. The modest your image, the more serious attitude to you. Therefore it is not recommended that you wear a transparent blouse, deep neckline, open arms, goods straps, as well as short blouses or tops, pants bedrovki. And in hot weather is better to choose a jacket with sleeves not longer than the elbow. 4. Do not oversaturate image of Accessories for office. It is desirable to choose two or three discreet tones, e.g., a bag, a briefcase or a bag-folder. You may make a bright accent in the form of, for example, a contrast waistband or decoration.

5. It is necessary to abandon the high stiletto, platform, open toe and toe. Not to mention slippers and sneakers. The ideal shoe for office ensemble - court shoes with a heel of 3-5 cm.

6. It is advisable to abandon the sportswear and jeans, especially decorated too.

7. Despite the fact that oversized clothes looks chic in everyday life, at work from her is to give - too frivolous.

Excluding from office wardrobe all of the above, the creation of images for the working environment leaves a flight to fantasy. So, laconic office outfit can freshen beautiful blouse with a pattern, bright handbag, belt, or contrasting beautiful handkerchief on his neck.

The basic things to create an image of the office

Jacket - one of the basic items of office wardrobe. Previously assigned jacket pretty boring part, but today this item of clothing plays a major role. By means of a jacket with contrasting trim and short sleeves, you can completely change the focus of the image.

The image of the office (photos)

One of the most striking examples - the combination of a jacket with a delicate dress, beige sheath style of Angelina Jolie. This option is suitable not only for office, but also for a romantic dinner or a trip to the theater.

Accessories for the business image of

With the help of accessories, you can easily make way for office stylish and not dull. So, classic blouse business might look totally different if decorated with a beautiful brooch or pendant. Traditional little black dress is perfect complement accessories. In this ensemble can be at a height not only in the office but also at a corporate party.

The image of the office (photos)

One example - elegant black dress in style Some Hepburn. This outfit can be supplemented with a concise quality jewelry or products made from white gold. If we add to this way of pearls and exquisite clutch, it is quite suitable for publication.

The colors and patterns for the office dress

Despite the fact that the office style involves a neutral color, it is possible to use an interesting texture, cut and texture of the material. Quite stylish image for the office will c-cigarette trousers with delicate geometric prints in conjunction with monochrome blouse.

The image of the office (photos)

But the one-color dress can replace the sweet frock in a cage, which will allow to show beautiful tanned legs while remaining within the office style.

Details of creating an office style of

On the office wardrobe is not worth saving, because in appearance is judged on the company level, in which you work. Pick up items for the business style be quite carefully, paying attention to the quality of the fabric and sewing, furniture and decoration. And remember that the final chords of the image - the details. Thus, the classic black dress of thick jersey with white collar and cuffs of cotton at the same time will create a serious and incredibly feminine. Such dress is in the wardrobe of the well-known businesswoman Victoria Beckham. This outfit proves that can be sexual modesty.

The image of the office (photos)

What shoes to combine things office style

Footwear was and is an essential element of a successful and complete image, the more neutral office style. The image of the office perfectly fit the classic patent leather pumps, ballet flats, a combination of leather and suede brogues or Lofer.

The image of the office (photos)

For example, black shoes will emphasize the beautiful color of blue business dress-case, or vice versa, it is possible to focus on contrasting bright clutches and boats.

Do not be afraid to experiment intelligently, to always look elegant and stylish, because most of the time we spend at work.