White T-shirt (photo)

White T-shirt - clothes element that is present in almost every woman's wardrobe. Shirt White has long been a base for a variety of images, it is very convenient and always appropriate - for a walk, shopping, the gym or a secular party. In the hot white T-shirt has long since become a necessity. It is absolutely easy and goes with almost everything - from leather mini-shorts to quilted skirts original.

White T-shirt (photo)

The main secret of a white T-shirt - property simplify outfit to make it more concise, delicate and simple. With what other than shorts or jeans, white T-shirt can be combined?

Firstly, with the skirt to the floor in combination with large ornaments. For example, rather feminine image can be created from the long skirt of bright color, white shirts and surround necklace. Such an ensemble is quite suitable for evening attire.

Secondly, white T-shirt makes a perfect contrast to the skirt with a bright pattern.

Third, the T-shirt in white is able to dampen excessive extravagance, created by the things made of leather. In such a combination is to abandon the bright accessories.

White T-shirt (photo)

Fourth, this t-shirt looks great with trousers free cut, especially bright colors. This image is very fresh and unusual.

Fifth, the classic combination of colors - black to white T-shirt skirt or trousers combined with accessories pastel colors. Sixth, a white T-shirt looks very harmoniously with skirts and trousers of shiny texture.

How to choose a white T-shirt?

first. It is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the fabric and style of T-shirts.

second. neckline is also not unimportant value. Thus, V-type cut-out visually lengthens the neck, shoulders and reduces complements the image of the structure. In addition to this cut, you can choose the classic version - cut under his throat.

third. Planting and length of t-shirts, which there are quite a few options. However, that white T-shirt has become universal in the locker room and could complement most of the images, it is recommended to choose an average length semiadherent silhouette length up to the bone.

fourth. The texture of the fabric should give the image of freshness and youth, so it is best to choose a T-shirt from a dense and active white cotton.

How to wear white T-shirt?

As mentioned above, a white t-shirt is perfect for an evening image, and for everyday. So, it will go perfectly with interesting textural things, elements of patterned or bright color, severe or complicated things cut.

Some women do not give the shirt white special significance, and in vain, because this thing is quite versatile and is basic in any wardrobe. Each new combination of it with other things gives rise to a variety of new images. "Fashion" will lead several variants of this combination.

White T-shirt (photo)

Casual image

Classic everyday image - white T-shirt with jeans. This combination can easily update each time with the help of interesting accessories that will fit both the environment and mood. The perfect complement to the image of the youth become comfortable Martens boots or low course, in other embodiments - heeled shoes, exquisite handbag on a chain or strap. To this ensemble perfectly fit jeans-style "grunge" with original decor or boyfriend style. In the hot season, instead of jeans you can wear denim shorts.

The romantic image of

With white shirts rather easy to create a romantic image. For example, combining it with pastel tints and flower patterns. To get a gentle way, you should choose things for a combination of mint, lime, turquoise, pale pink or pale orange hue. In this case, it is advisable not to overdo it with flowers. Always follow the rules: no more than three colors in the ensemble. In this case, a white T-shirt to play a bridging role, so-called "conductor". Feminine image give white, beige, body accessories.

White T-shirt (photo)

The image of a business woman

Shirt White enters the image, even a business woman. For example, the combination of it with pencil skirt jacket and dark shades. Complete business image will help suitable pumps, as well as properly fitted accessories: translucent black tights, earrings pusety, sophisticated clock on the strap and the bag-briefcase. This ensemble will look great with pants, but easy scarf with contrast pattern adds to the image of bright paints.

White T-shirt (photo)

Evening image of

Surprisingly, the white T-shirt looks pretty appropriate and in evening dress, for example, in combination with a long chiffon skirt. Special charm and tenderness of the image will add skirts pleated. So, white T-shirt tucked into a long skirt in black would be ideal in the ensemble with black high heels. In this way you can add a gorgeous necklace, which will focus on the beautiful chest, and shiny clutch.

White T-shirt (photo)

The image in the style of "boho"

Style "boho" famous layered skirts to the floor, which balances perfectly white T-shirt. In such an image perfectly fit denim jacket and a bag with fringe, sandals on a flat sole and big jewelry.

White T-shirt (photo)