The history of occurrence of knitting

knitting - it crafts a very long time. An interesting fact is that once people thought of twisting the thread to get the picture. As a result, there were knitted things.

The history of occurrence of knitting

Today found a lot of schemes for knitting. There is a standard scheme and copyrights. Author's schemes - a scheme devised experienced handy. Resulting in more and more new pictures.

knitting allegedly appeared in the IV century BC. e. This is indicated by found by archaeologists knitwear in Egypt.

If in the VIII century BC. e. wear knitted things could only afford in high society, now it is a pleasure available to many. Everybody is trying to keep in the wardrobe, at least one thing. With all of this stuff related to the spokes, can be designed for different seasons and weather conditions.

Especially popular knitting began to use in the XX century. It reached the point where all his spare time was spent knitting to knit more and more beautiful.

Despite the fact that the knitted things are available and you can buy them in almost every clothing store, modern man more appreciative of hand-knitted. Hand-knitted in the first place characterized by exclusivity. If you have linked a thing, so it will be only you. It is also very popular became knitted shoes, which you can read here. In any case, a lot of patterns, exactly, as well as yarns for knitting, and their combinations are limitless.

Taking into account all these circumstances, knitting today is more a hobby than a means of earning.

The more that can be knit everything: clothes, bags, jewelry, ceiling, lighting, flowers, cell phone cases and kitchenware, shoes, toys, carpets, blankets, etc...

The history of occurrence of knitting

Crochet is so versatile that no fancy borders. Many people come up with their own designs, technology and destination of these products. Some products and techniques are passed from generation to generation.

The only drawback of hand-knitted is what takes a long time, because knitting is usually combined with another heap of affairs and duties.

Given the desire of a man walking in knitted things, knitting machine was created. The first of these appeared in England in 1589. Then they gradually began to appear in France, America and Switzerland. But we had use of only on the production of things for sale. But in the XIX century, cars entered the market for consumer use.

Such machines usually are divided into: • odnofonturnye and dvuhfonturnye;

• manual and automatic;

• mechanical and electronic.

Fontoura - a needle bed for knitting needles.

Accordingly odnofonturnaya machine has one needle bed and dvuhfonturnaya two needle beds.

Dvuhfonturnaya machine is good because when knitting products with patterns on the wrong side of the filament will not be broaches. The product is the same as the present vyvyazano and the reverse side, which improves the aesthetic appearance and performance.

Due to modern features many prefer machine knitting, which is considered more accessible and easy to acquire. But, as exclusives to fans remains to stock up patience and supplies to create beauty and to surprise the world.