From what to wear short denim shorts?

Short denim shorts - a universal thing in the wardrobe of any girl. They can be worn with sneakers and sneakers, shoes with heels and a blouse, with beach shales. But despite this widespread use, it is important to skillfully combine parts of clothing, or you can create is not the image that you mentally imagine and look quite ridiculous. It is therefore necessary to get acquainted with the basic principles of wearing short denim shorts.

From what to wear short denim shorts?

A walk in the fresh air: what to wear denim shorts?

For a walk in an urban environment, and even in the countryside somewhere in the mountains of Transcarpathia or the Italian village of perfect image, combining denim short shorts with sneakers or athletic shoes, ballet flats, espadrilles. Top should be easy flowing. Perfectly suitable chiffon blouse or kottonovaya-button-down shirt with a strong collar. One floor blouses can be charged in shorts. If you are outside the city, add the image of a classic straw hat with a wide brim - and you are perfect!

The classic street-style with short denim shorts

Street style and denim shorts - it is one, is indestructible and forever. The most relevant is a combination of light of short short denim (possibly decorated beads or pearls) and white top (it may be the top or white blouse without quirks - classic cut). On foot is best to wear ballet flats, but also shoes with wedge heels are ideal. Eg fabric sandals with guideshoe decorated weave.

From what to wear short denim shorts?

Romantic combination

If you are going on a date or chat with your friends and you need to pick something light and romantic - wear short denim shorts and a light blouse of chiffon. The color of the top is not crucial, but the lighter top, the airy image as a whole. Shoes can be selected with high heels. Complete your look-clutch handbag to match the shoes, possibly with decorative elements of the chains. To such it is better not to collect hair in a bun, and dissolve them. Make-up in style smokey eyes - and voila, you are smart!

The combination of short shorts and a jacket

If you want to wear short denim shorts and a jacket - the jacket should choose at least 5-10 cm above the bottom of the short line. If the jacket is longer than or on a par with shorts, proportionality will change and you'll look ridiculous. It is quite another thing, if on top of the blouse with shorts denim wear a long jacket or cardigan singsong, without fasteners.

Oh, and one more little secret: if you put on jewelry with shorts, they should be long enough and not very massive. Ideal long chain (ending at chest level) with a pendant. Cross or several crosses - timeless.

Be in trend and a fun-filled summer you!