Choice of clothing for owners of flat or round buttocks

Choice of clothing for owners of flat or round buttocks

African round buttocks can become a real decoration of the female figure. They look tempting and effectively in any clothing, if your weight is normal. Therefore it is not surprising that one of the most popular plastic surgery clinics in the United States is the transplantation of fat in the buttocks. Today, painless and quick liposuction fat in different areas of the body. And then they fill the buttocks, correcting their form. Thus, in one fell swoop killed two birds: the fat from problem areas cleaned and create a new form of the buttocks. After four hours of your flat buttocks, on which clothes sits badly acquire perfect shape.

But everything is not so great as it might seem at first glance. If you are overweight, then round the buttocks at risk of becoming not worth, but the disadvantage, which will need to hide, as they will look vulgar. hide flat buttocks will also have to, because they look not very attractive.

Choice of clothing for owners of flat or round buttocks

Adjustments round buttocks

Hide any roundness of your body you can use the A-line skirts, midi length. This demonstrates Jennifer Lopez. Round buttocks amazing look in dresses Bottega Veneta. Girls with excess weight should not wear miniskirts. Also figure irregularities such as full hips, a flat stomach and a very round buttocks can hide the dress in the Empire style, in which the division is under the breast.

If you prefer pants, you will disguise a very round buttocks long cardigans, jackets and tunics that hide back. Look good shirts will also be with an overlap length to mid-thigh. If in your body a lot of curved lines, do not get carried away straight cut, better to choose a form-fitting little things that no longer fit your figure.

In your jeans should be no patch pockets, coquettes, decor or decorative stitches behind. In this case you will not focus on those around your problem area, as well as visually reduce its size.

Choice of clothing for owners of flat or round buttocks

Adjustments flat buttocks

Girl with a slim figure to conceal flat buttocks help curvy dresses and skirts, style model "peplum" with ruffles around the waist, as well as jackets with the Basques and so on. D. Perfectly mask the shortcomings of your figure dresses in the Empire style.

For these girls ideal length of a mini, because these girls on the type of the figure more like teenagers. Therefore, short dresses and skirts in the style of the sixties seem to be made for them. You do not fit the dress-wallets and pencil skirts, they will look at you badly.

Also, you should avoid the stretch jeans and trousers, to be swift your figure. And on classic jeans is better to have pockets, yoke and decor, which will visually increase the volume of your buttocks. You fit trousers with a low waist, flared trousers, pants, sails, Afghanis and trousers. These styles of pants will be able to revise your triple figure with flat buttocks.

However, flat buttocks can be not only the young and skinny girls, but also adult women are overweight. Such women are clearly not fit curvy dresses and short skirts. Make the figure more harmonious you will be able to help direct and flared trousers and skirts trapeze style in combination with blouses, trousers, vests, jackets, tunics and cardigans, hiding the back and buttocks.

Very round or flat buttocks with the help of clothes can be hidden in such a way that none of them did not even know. And remember that the poor figures do not exist, there are inappropriate clothes.

Choice of clothing for owners of flat or round buttocks