How to use clothing to hide or thin hands full?

How to use clothing to hide or thin hands full?

The reason for the development of many of our systems are imperfection of our figure. But the correct figure correction with the help of clothes is able to hide many of the shortcomings. Thin or full hands can harmonize visually with the help of arms, different in texture and color.

How to use clothing to hide or thin hands full?

Clothing for complete hands

Complete hands easily can be hidden by means of sleeves. It can be classic vtachnye sleeves that taper slightly toward the wrist. The width of the arms should be such that the sleeves were not too loose, and at the same time, so they do not hugged his hands. In this case, the materials should be dark, flowing and soft.

Usually hands full at the wrist is quite elegant, so the sleeves should cover your problem area from the elbow and shoulders. In addition to the long sleeves with this task can perfectly handle shortened sleeves 3/4. Also now in vogue long rolled up sleeves that can also hide all that is necessary to hide, while looking very stylish.

Owners full hands should abandon the clothes without sleeves. In the hot season you can use a tunic or blouse of natural light fabrics with sleeves up to the elbows. They are quite short, so they will look appropriate, and at the same time will hide your problem areas. T-shirts are freely selectable with straight arms of the same length. If you want to wear open sundress, you can supplement it by air or light scarf cape. Your clothes can be quite a sleeveless cloak will help you hide even the entire upper part of your figure.

With very thin bracelets can only emphasize fullness of hands, as there will be play on the contrast. Also, you can add fullness and massive bracelets, so pick the average width of bracelets. The same requirements apply to the watch strap or bracelet.

Nor should accentuate your breasts with the help of applications, patch pockets, as well as other decorations, which can create an even greater volume of the upper part of your figure, which is your problem area.

How to use clothing to hide or thin hands full?

for fine hand Clothing

As hands full, thin arms can be hidden by means of sleeves. However, their shape and texture of the fabric and the color should be different. Owners of fine hand clothes suit with long puffy sleeves, cuffs that will be collected and will have sleeves in 3/4 length. Increase visual volume hand can complex structures sleeves, consisting of several parts or multilayer.

Modern fashion offers suitable for thin-hand items such as fur sleeve sweaters, jackets or coats that your hands will give the required volume along its entire length. Also you can use a light bolero, which would look beautiful and fashionable, while your hands will appear thicker. Also you can use clothes with sleeves of white or light color, which will create the illusion of more volume as compared to the current size of your hands. Extra Long capes and cape will hide the top part of your figure. In addition, they are now at the peak of his popularity, and are able to hide all that you want to hide, including your delicate hands.

Of jewelry you fit fashion multi-row bracelets, consisting of chains or necklaces that will visually enhance your delicate hands. In addition, these decorations are so elegant that can adorn your delicate hands.

With the help of clothes can hide any figure flaws, including thin or plump arms. And while no one will notice.

How to use clothing to hide or thin hands full?