I have an old sewing machines: why you need a serger and where to look for modern technology

If you have solid experience in sewing, especially when working with knits, you've probably heard about the overlock. It is a technique that is used in addition to the sewing machine.

I have an old sewing machines: why you need a serger and where to look for modern technology

Why you should pay attention to the range and how it can help - talk in our article. As an example, we will consider Overlock Brother.

This company was chosen because it is one of the most popular brands, which has a great lineup. You can turn their attention to other manufacturers, focusing on the received information.


The main task, which is to handle such equipment - quality work in processing the fabric edges. With the help of obmetochnogo seam processed slices, giving a sturdy product, improving its appearance.

The main types of home devices: the number of threads

Products can be classified, based on the number of threads.

3 strand

The best choice for the home environment, because there are all the basic features. More advanced counterparts require more funds with the purchase, which is not always justified. This happens because for home use advanced functions are often simply not needed. They belong to the middle price segment, do an excellent job with a simple hem. For example, the role ideally operate seams rim.

4 threads

Due to the presence of additional yarns are more suitable for elastic materials. This species belongs to the semi-professional, and the main purpose is to produce:


  • bags;
  • bathing suits;
  • covers;
  • special clothes and so on.

Overlock makes it more robust lines in areas that have a high load in the further application of the product. There are models that are well combined, these two species. For example, Brother M555D.

In further look for when selecting

To pick up the device for themselves, pay attention to the additional attributes.

I have an old sewing machines: why you need a serger and where to look for modern technology

differential feed

This element is equipped with all of this technique, as it helps to cope with the peculiarities of certain tissues. Mainly its purpose is to prevent stretching and displacement of the materials used.

This allows for the movement of the fabric under the presser foot, the speed can be adjusted manually. This occurs with the use of two types of gear racks, they are placed:

  • of needles;
  • for the needles.

Their properties will be useful in other situations. Disable conveyor is simple: at any time you can put a control on the neutral level.

Additional features

The presence of the free arm of the system, both in Brother 2104D, facilitate work with the materials. By varying the types of platform, you can easily work with different products.

Pay your attention to the:

  • engine power;
  • types of stitches;
  • speed;
  • presser foot pressure.

This technique is serger complements sewing machines, but their modern counterparts are also many convenient features. Sewing machine Brother - one of the most optimal solutions.