Stylish svitshoty: about brands

Many elements of stylish female clothes borrowed from men. No exception and svitshot.

Literally, the name means "sweater-shirt". Outwardly, it resembles a knitted sweater pullover with a round neck. Its differences - detachable cuffs and elastic.

Svitshoty for every taste offers online fashion store They collected models of different colors and variations.

Unique project Unique Fabric was founded in St. Petersburg. Previously, it was called "Unique", but changed its name in the course of re-branding. It includes an online store boutiques in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the studio, which creates a stylish quality clothing brand, "Cherry". on the site you can not only buy female svitshot with delivery across Russia, but also to enroll in a new way of fitting in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Svitshoty of Unique Fabric directory are varied styles and colors. The collections presented in the catalog, can be traced spring lightness, playfulness in the use of prints. The new model make the image brighter, create a mood and is isolated from the crowd.

Stylish svitshoty: about brands

This is a Russian brand, founded by a young mother illustrator. He presented an ulterior motive in the catalog Unique Fabric project. Its advantages are high quality, interesting design, natural fabrics. The range of shops has svitshoty with original prints executed in watercolor technique. The basis of design of products are interesting illustrations, which depict plants and animals.

For the production of all clothing of this mark are used only natural materials and eco-friendly dyes. In addition, the products and materials produced on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The famous American brand with a long history is famous for perfectly smooth and strong lines. Due to the high popularity of the brand can often be found under a fake Levi's. This is true not only of denim products, but also to other items of clothing, including svitshotov.

By purchasing Levi's brand items in stores Unique Fabric, you can not be afraid for their authenticity. The project offers its customers only the original product. Among Levi's models on the site you can see the classic plain svitshoty with a large logo in the form of a rectangle with a wavy bottom edge and a model with a hood.

Project Brand Unique Fabric was founded in the heart of St. Petersburg. There continues to run a creative studio where working on creating stylish clothes first-class team. All products are subject to quality control. Much attention is paid to the fabrics, accessories and execution lines.

The project is a collection can be found in soft svitshoty strip, which combine well with jeans and trousers. Complement the stylish bow to help funny socks and leather classic shoes.

Svitshoty brand "Cherry" is made of thick cotton jersey. This fabric is a long time will delight its original appearance: it performs well in the wash, does not lose color and shape.