As the fashion industry cares about the environment

As the fashion industry cares about the environment

Most fashion brands refuse to fur, and many even from the wool of the Angora goats and from genuine leather. Organizations that protect wildlife, now celebrating their victory, as people began to seriously worry about the future of our planet. However, the reality is not as good as it might seem at first glance.

It should look closely at the fashion collections for spring-summer 2018 as well as the most fashionable collections for fall-winter 2018-2019's. In them there are very few pieces of leather and fur. Change also accessories, bags and shoes often are made from textiles, plastic and leatherette. In recent seasons it is gaining popularity is plastic.

PVC and other plastics are not new in the world of fashion, to create their clothes used from the middle of the twentieth century. But in spite of this his age in clothing and accessories, plastic is perceived as a high-tech material of the future. Today, the media are always talking about innovations available flights into space-and 3D-printing in the near future.

This trend is strongly supported fashion brands, offering us accessories and clothes made of plastic. Glittering jackets and jackets, sheer dresses, bright raincoats, boots transparent, plastic bags, bags and suits in outer space theme.

As the fashion industry cares about the environment

Immediately gained popularity Raincoats, since plastic is perfect for them. Then, in our wardrobes were transparent dresses and skirts. Now this trend actively support such well-known brands such as Chanel and Balmain, so the plastic stuff can become the object of desire of many fashionistas around the world. In the near future in China it is planned to create a large number of skirts, dresses, jackets and other clothing made of plastic, which can be complemented by handbags made of PVC, as well as sparkling and ankle boots.

Fashion industry will be unnecessary millions of sheep skins, for clothing made of plastic is much easier to produce than the fur, leather or wool. On many factories for leather tanning will have to forget, because they will be closed. A skin simply send in the trash. After all, people do not give up meat, it means that livestock will not disappear simply will not hide in the price and can cost even cheaper than synthetic.

However, this is not the worst. After all, plastic is one of the most polluting materials. People from leather, wool and fur refuse to preserve nature, but instead cause it more damage. And even though it seems obvious, but fashion brands continue to develop this trend. And there are different options here.

As the fashion industry cares about the environment

It seems that the stupid people are on the hazards of plastic do not know anything work in the fashion industry. However, this is unlikely. So, there is another option - the owners of the fashion business, fashion designers and journalists are well aware, however, tend to make more money fast and easy way. Plastics and plastic is very easy to produce and handle, besides clothes of them has a very low cost. All this shows how stupid people are. After all, if everyone around say that it is fashionable, we are very quick to agree with that and begin to buy.

We can say with confidence that the big businesses still do not care what happens to nature. On his first profit. But ordinary people do not even think about what is truly respect for nature, and continue to adhere to the erroneous ideas.

And those who still has a mind understands that the real concern for nature lies in the rejection of plastic wherever it can be replaced by other materials. And in accessories and clothing without plastic is possible to do. Therefore, if you are concerned about the state of nature, you should give up the clothes and accessories, plastic, even if they are now in vogue. It does not matter, they are created well-known brands or Asian manufacturers.