Shangrao - luxurious fabric chameleon

Shangrao - luxurious fabric chameleon

Shangrao also called chameleon cloth. This is not surprising, because the material can change depending on the light and angle of view of a different color. Colored materials are different: one-color, with denominations or printed pattern or with the effect of silk overflow. This is achieved by weaving dyed in different colors of threads.

In some cases, the threads also have a different texture. The materials are also on the basis of cotton or silk, synthetic fibers or viscose. Threads duck, different in color, tight curl, so get busy, but at the same time, the thin material. These fabrics - taffeta species.

Shangrao - luxurious fabric chameleon

Forms Shangrao

The name of this material comes from the French word "changeant", which means "changeable". This material was first used in the eighteenth century. However, while Shangrao made exclusively from natural silk. Of course, it is very expensive.

This material immediately came to taste fashionistas, because it gets paid out of great beauty. But this fabric is adorned not only the dress, as well as decorative elements in the halls and salons of the rich and nobles. Later used as raw cotton fibers, thereby reducing the cost of the fabric. But while the fabric itself remains a very high quality, although it did not have that flexibility and gloss, which are characteristic of silk.

Shangrao - luxurious fabric chameleon

In the following years, Shangrao and has not lost its popularity. Especially it became popular in the early twentieth century, and it was his cotton variety. Of cotton produced Shangrao women capes, dresses and lightweight coats that have long gone out of fashion. Then it was time viscose fabrics, however, the production of cotton Shangrao continues to this day. Viscose Shangrao very much like silk, it looks very impressive, but it costs a lot less. One disadvantage of this material is its low strength. On receipt of synthetic Shangrao not meet the expectations that it will completely replace the previous types of material. Sparkling cheap and thin fabric can be used only in the manufacture of outer clothing, as well as decorative materials.

Shangrao - luxurious fabric chameleon

Make Shangrao synthetic made of polyamide and polyester fibers. It is also durable and dense fabric modulations which, however, has no properties characteristic of natural materials. Synthetic materials do not leak air, so cold weather is cold in synthetic Changins, and in hot - hot.

With a variety of modern synthetic fibers can create very original fabric, which have an iridescent sheen and unusual texture. Their expressive palette and low price allow the fabric to use in youth fashion. It is often used in the manufacture of outer clothing or as a finishing material.

Shangrao - luxurious fabric chameleon

Properties Shangrao

Currently chameleon fabric made from different raw materials - cotton, silk, polyester, rayon or nylon. It uses the simplest type of weave - linen. Depending on the raw material and the properties will be different Shangrao, but in all its forms - the general basic properties: • Density;

• iridescence;

• Color fastness, because Shangrao does not burn and does not fade;

• Water-repellent properties;

• Durability;

• Cotton and silk Shangrao perfectly breathable, does not cause allergies, is hygroscopic and is capable of thermoregulation. A silk Shangrao very light.

The main disadvantage of all kinds of Shangrao is that it is very wrinkled.

Shangrao - luxurious fabric chameleon


Modern Application Shangrao

In the twenty-first century use it was found not only natural, but also synthetic forms of Shangrao. Of them made a beautiful wedding and evening dresses and theatrical costumes. In addition, they are applied in the interior in the form of curtains, curtains and so on. D.

Today it is very rare to find in the sale of silk Shangrao, because it costs very expensive. It is used in the manufacture of expensive evening dress. This material is very easy to wear and durable. However, things of silk Shangrao should be cleaned in dry cleaning.

Shangrao - luxurious fabric chameleon

great demand today cotton Shangrao. Fashion designers prefer it this species Shangrao, This beautiful and durable material used for the manufacture of various items of women's wardrobe - from blouses to coats the lungs, and is also used in home interior.

Synthetic Shangrao most often used for decoration of outer clothing, such as a light coat, jacket and home furnishings. Despite its shortcomings, iridescent top layer of this fabric is very good and original look and excellent protection against moisture and wind. Pillowcases, curtains and bedspreads are made mostly of synthetic Shangrao. These things are very wear-resistant and durable. Also synthetic Shangrao used for furniture upholstering.

Shangrao - luxurious fabric chameleon

Care of things Shangrao

Erase things from Shangrao, manually or in a washing machine at delicate cycle. Thus detergent powders must be free of chlorine. Pressing Shangrao in the car is not recommended, because it is very wrinkled. Therefore, such things should be dry on hangers, and iron - on the wrong side at the minimum temperature. Thus it is better that the product was still a little wet.

Shangrao popular for several centuries. Choose this type of material depending on what kind of product you want. Things from Shangrao very original look and will give you a stylish look.

Shangrao - luxurious fabric chameleon