How to stretch the jacket?

How to stretch the jacket?

To present the mistress nasty surprise could even the best quality thing. For example, it is after washing can be significantly reduced in size.

If there is a web or natural wool with complex tracery texture you such a thing should be handled with special care in the composition of the material, to avoid trouble. You need to strictly adhere to the recommendation of her care that conscientious manufacturers indicate on the label.

How to stretch the jacket?

Stretch via water treatment

If the trouble has already occurred, you can use the proven recommendations for stretchable jacket. To do this you need a simple set, which is available in every home. It is a few towels, vinegar essence, iron and dressmaker pins.

Most often need to stretch woolen jackets, which are the most demanding and capricious in terms of care. However, their resuscitation techniques will be effective for any knitted fabric composed of natural fibers, - from cotton and silk before.

It is thus very important to observe the temperature range, for delicate fabrics do not tolerate rapid temperature changes. It will be advantageous to room temperature water, and which is suitable for soaking and rinsing. Add to the water ordinary vinegar or essence, diluted to the desired concentration is based on five liters of water a tablespoon. This solution will help you to deal delicately with natural fibers and restore their original shape, elasticity and other properties. Thing in the solution need to hold no more than ten or fifteen minutes, after which it will need to be overcome, without stretching or twisting and gently rinse under running water, which should also be at room temperature, because the sharp temperature changes all your efforts will bring to naught.

How to stretch the jacket?

Stretch properly dried after washing

Knitwear pressing should be using terry towels. It's enough to be in it to roll up her blouse and olotentse absorb excess water from it. After that comes the most important moment. On how well you stretch sweater after washing will depend on half the battle. Do not dry a sweater in a vertical position, especially on the shoulders. Return the jacket to its original size and shape, so you do not get, and spoil the thing - guaranteed.

Drying should jacket on a smooth level surface such as a floor or table. It should be spread out a towel or a sheet of a few additions. Arrange neatly thing, smoothing the creases, and secure it with pins.

A little stretching and giving things the right size, fasten first pin shoulder seams, fixing on the towel thing every three to five centimeters.

Thereafter, in the same manner flatten and seal the inner and side seams of sleeves. Here you can pull harder, reaching the required size. You will need specific attention decor, cuff and strap buckles. They need to fix carefully. Gum on the bottom edge and cuffs are often looser and thin. It is more susceptible to deformation. Better things are dry at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heating equipment. The drying process thus takes not less than a day, the time will depend on the complexity of and fashioned knitwear density.

How to stretch the jacket?

How to stretch knit cardigan

Knitted, especially in complex manual techniques items require special handling. If the composition of the filaments include natural wool, you better not wash it in the machine and use aggressive detergents. The most expensive and exquisite alpaca or merino fine transports delicate washing in the usual shampoo. Thus, you eliminate the possibility of its deformation.

As usual plain jersey stretch jacket you do not get. Manual assembly gives this cardigan special properties. Therefore, after the standard rinse in vinegar and drying in a fixed straightened form you will need to iron.

Well, if your iron is steaming function. But if you do the easiest irons, you can also stretch the thing. To do this, you need to comply with the conditions of heating and minimum temperature carefully to iron the thing through a cotton cloth so as not to damage the structure of the web. Shake damp thing and straighten it, stretching strictly along the lines of the side seam, armhole and shoulders. After that, hang it on a hanger and let it dry completely.

How to stretch the jacket?