Model and TV host Tyra Banks

Some believe that the Tyra Banks is known is not really due to the fact that it is an excellent model, but due to the fact that it is leading a very popular TV show.

To be honest, that Tyra Banks was fond of a lot of what - she was a model, she also sang, acted in films, dabbled as a producer, and has become very well-known TV presenter. A very successful TV presenter and she is at the moment.

Many watched the reality - show "That model is the American way." It was this project and made a model of the famous TV Tayrk Banks worldwide. The idea of ​​the show belongs completely to her, and at the same time it must be said that this idea perfectly implemented.

Model and TV host Tyra Banks

After the project "America's Next Top Model" began to lead his own life, that is, its variety of options that existed outside of America. For example, "Top Model in Russian" project appeared in Russia, the leading first season is not clear how it was Ksenia Sobchak, which is not a model, as well as beauty, but, let's hope that she is a good girl.

But with all the charm of the reality show "America's Next Top Model" lay in the fact that leading this amazing show is the model, and not just a model, but a true professional and a successful model - Tyra Banks.

Tyra never liked to create around himself a lot of noise and scandals with different flashes of cameras, so many do not know about Tyra, as the well-known model, unlike Naomi Campbell - a big fan to create around himself a lot of noise, which can easily throw a mobile phone or to slap in the face to ordinary people. Needless to say - appropriate behavior. Star, she had a star. . . .

Model and TV host Tyra Banks

and about Naomi Campbell, we are told only by chance. After all, she and Tyra are the real black models who have achieved great success worldwide, and this is such a rarity in our time. Naomi Taira somewhat older, but to prevent the competitor of his success in the modeling business, she could very easily. That wave of "Black Panther" 19-year-old Tyra does not have to show Chanel. But at the same time, through some years, this "small misunderstanding" that so much upset Tyra did not prevent prigasit in the show Naomi Campbell.

But all agree that youth always wins. Tyra managed to conquer Paris, and eventually the entire world.

That this girl was the first black model, which adorned the covers of CQ magazine and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. it is also the first African-American, which began to appear for the advertising catalog of the world famous brand Victoria's Secret.

Model and TV host Tyra Banks

Next, Tyra went to Paris? and eventually to success? She always wanted to become a model, and her mother, who has always had the support of her daughter, later became her manager.

Tyra Banks was born December 4, 1973, in the sign of the zodiac it is the archer. Do you remember the heroine of the famous novel by Anne and Serge Golon. Yes, that's the very Angelica with its very swift and strong character and ability to always overtake that to which it seeks - so this is a real archer.

Tyra father, Donald Banks, a computer consultant, and his mother Caroline Banks, worked at the time photographer. When Tyra was 6 years old, her parents separated and filed for divorce, and she was left to live with his mother, but that she did not stop to continue a friendly relationship with his father.

Model and TV host Tyra Banks

Tyra finished in 1991 school year and entered the University of Southern California, but, following, learning she did not manage to finish his dream. It is our girls tied for first place education. Even for those girls who are luck in person, won a huge number of beauty contests, which have to throw everything and make a career, do not forget about education, trying to catch all, which leads to the fact that they are left with nothing. The fashion world is very cruel, if luck turned to face you, then grab it immediately and run with it, another opportunity simply can not be. It does just that in America, knowing that education can be obtained at all times. But luck is smiling at life once. Taira decided to go to Paris, she was only 17 years old, while 25 designers invited her to take part in their shows. It's just a huge success.

Tyra Banks for the first time took part, as a model at the age of 15 years. Her photograph appeared on the cover of the famous magazine Seventeen Magazine.

Model and TV host Tyra Banks

About Tyra Banks as a famous TV presenter, we have already spoken. But it is not only the "Top Model" is an interesting show, where Tyra is a leading, perhaps, much more interesting would be considered a reality show True Beauty ( "Beauty inside"). The show first appeared in 2009, it was leading Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher. This reality show perfectly demonstrated what the terrible might even be the most beautiful people. "The most beautiful man in America", the winner of the show would be the participant of the program, which in a variety of extreme situations, which are organizers of the show, looked the most handsome man, but not external qualities, and on the inner.

Tyra Banks and also dabbled as a writer. But it's not a secret, a lot of models of writing, as well as the stars are no exception. The model is very pleasant not only to see himself on the covers of magazines, but also read books written about them. And if one can not write about you, then you can do it herself. Tell everyone about his own experiences and the inner world. But Tyra and then did not go contrary to Me, her book, which is called "Tyra's Beauty, Inside and Out", was published in 1988, did not become a story of the model itself, no, this book has a specific goal - to help women feel a real beauty.

Model and TV host Tyra Banks

In the moment when Tyra Banks was a model, I have always adhered to its principles - never to appear naked, do photos with cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. You also need to say that the press has repeatedly occurred information that Tyra did not consume alcoholic beverages. In 2006, Tyra Banks announced that once and for all she wants to do away with her modeling career and devote himself fully to its television projects, while in 2010 it once again signed a contract with modeling agency, which bears the name of IMG Models.

If we take into account the trends of the XXI century Tara and other well-known personalities, led his own Twitter, through which her fans can learn about the latest news from the life of an unusual dark-skinned model Tyra Banks. Or all - after a successful TV presenter?

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