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Megan Fox - is a famous American actress and model.

Megan was born May 16, 1986 in the US state of Tennessee. It runs Indian, French and Irish blood.

Her father worked as a security guard in the prison. When Megan was still small, her parents separated. But after a while her mother remarried.

As it turned out very strict stepfather and unjust man. The fact that Megan is very often at odds with her stepfather, she explained that it is always in conversation with him, angry for no reason.

Style Megan Fox

Megan loved to dance and with 5 years she has professionally went in for dancing and attending creative circles. Megan studied in a Christian school.

As a teenager, I am trying to be friends with boys longer than girls. Always vulgarly dressed, he painted a very bright and listening to rock music. When Megan was a senior pupil, it was expelled from school.

But when Megan was 10 years old the whole family (Megan's mother, sister and stepfather) moved to St. Petersburg, Florida.

The fact that she was dancing for many years, has helped her achieve great success. In 1999, Megan has received many honors for his part in the dancing competition "American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head".

Style Megan Fox

But Megan Fox has always dreamed of an acting career. And then one day her dream came true.

In 2001, Megan landed her first role in the film "Holiday in the Sun". In it, she played the capricious beauty, which can not be left behind and to live in peace sisters Olsen.

In 16 years, Megan has had a big list of roles that she played in the movie. For example, it played a minor role in the film Meykla Bay's "Bad Boys 2". In 2003, Megan and her mother moved to Los Angeles. There she began to appear in many films, but played a secondary role in such films as "Two and a Half Men," "Ocean Street," "What I Like About You" and "Help".

In 2004-2006 Megan dreamed of in the TV series "Queen of the screen," in which she played one of the roles. In those days it was not invited to the major role it has always been in the background, and so she did not indulge themselves, as Megan lived in a modest apartment, and the money for anything lacking.

Style Megan Fox

But in 2007, it still comes a huge success. She was invited to star in the film "Transformers", in which she played the role of Mikaela Banes.

In 2008, she starred in another movie "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People," which played a budding star.

In 2009, she once again continues to play the role of Micaela in the new part "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and in parallel she acted in another film "Jennifer's Body."

Megan woke up famous after played the role of Micaela in the movie "Transformers." In this movie it has invited the famous director Michael Bay. Before he invited her to the "Transformers", she starred in his own movie called "bad guys." Michael Bay also directed the movie "Pearl Harbor."

Style Megan Fox

Megan also negatively spoke of his role in the film. She believed that played very poorly and that there it is not very attractive. Here is what she said: "This is my first film in which I played a significant role, but, unfortunately, this film is not nothing but a fantasy. The film is certainly interesting, but I'm not thrilled with what I was doing. " Once Megan was asked on the bill, which she is an actress and after a while she said: "I could become a great actress if I'll do it seriously, then I'll be famous and the audience will love me. But at the moment I did not do anything to me, recognized and loved. " But when I got the third part of the movie "Transformers" Megan did not want to act in it. As it turned out it's all because of a quarrel with the director, who eventually fired her after she gave an interview to the British magazine The Telegraph. In the interview, Megan called Steven Spielberg Hitler. She assured everyone that Michael Bay made her gain weight for the film and demanded that she tanned as he wants. Yet she did not think she was fired. Megan told everyone that it was she left the project since received many more other interesting offers. She also said that it did not humanly.

As Michael Bay "After Hitler Megan named Steven said he immediately to fire her." Megan will no longer appear in the Transformers sequel.

Style Megan Fox

In the third part of "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon" Mikael has played British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

But in spite of this conflict Megan continues to act in other films.

Megan never restrained in his statements. Among the controversial phrase said it is possible to mention the actors comparison with prostitutes and frank recognition of bisexuality. Many people believe that Megan has a stupid among sentences. She argues that says is always right and only what he thinks.

In 2007, Megan Fox was an engagement. Groom - actor Brian Austin Green. Megan younger than 13 years. But the couple soon broke up. But they were engaged again in June 2010. Wedding ceremony was held in Hawaii in the hotel Four Seasons. the marriage ceremony was closed character. June 29, 2010 she married actor Brian Austin Green, in September 2012 was born their son Noah.

Style Megan Fox

Dating Megan Fox and Brian Green was held at the shooting in 2004. Brian Green was divorced from his first wife. Then he had a two year old son. The actor says that at the moment of love with Megan, he just went through a breakup with her mother Cassius (his son) and he was not prepared to enter into a relationship again. The new novel did not take seriously. But Megan was able to revive some lost part of it. The actor has increased self-esteem. And Megan was need someone responsible and down to earth. Also, according to Brian Megan had a good relationship with his son. Megan copes with parental duties. She likes about her son Brian Cassius.

Repeatedly wrote novels with actors Megan Fox and just famous people. Once it mentioned that she meets with co-star of "Transformers," Shia LaBeouf. But in an interview for the US version of Harper's Bazzar magazine, Megan Fox said she was in my life slept with two guys. She has never had sex with a man she did not love. She was sick of thinking about it. She even has never been approached to to have an affair for one night. At the time of this interview, Megan was 23 years old.

Style Megan Fox

Megan Fox loves tattoos, but spring 2011 years passed the message that she was going to get rid of them, but in fact this has not happened yet. Megan has eight tattoos. Right at the bottom of the belly tattoo with the name of her lover, "Brian Austin Green." On the right-hand image of Marilyn Monroe. Has a tattoo with a quote from Shakespeare, it is the right shoulder. Megan left wrist with a tattoo - two waves. Also Megan Fox has a tattoo with the words of unrequited love. Star and crescent moon tattooed on her right leg a little above the ankle. Back of the neck shows a symbol of strength. Tattoo with some of the original inscription with the philosophical meaning - on his side. This tattoo she had done in honor of Mickey Rourke. Besides that Megan - actress, she is also a model. Megan Fox has been the face of the Italian brand in the Emporio Armani Spring / Summer 2010. At the 2008th and 2009th year, it recognized the sexiest woman in the world. Double win in the ranking other than Megan Fox was only Jennifer Lopez (2001 and 2002).

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