Elena Perminov

Elena was born in the city, which is called Burscough F.c. (Novosibirsk region) on the first day of autumn 1986. About her parents there are no facts, but to a model or show business, they had nothing. Elena also has an older sister. The fact that they lived in rich can not be said, therefore, it was not possible to dress in the latest fashion Elena or her older sister, and they were forced to only dream of a career model.

Receiving secondary education in his hometown, Elena Perminov was admitted to the Institute of Economics and Law in Kemerovo, hoping at the same time be an excellent lawyer. But to get higher education from her and did not work, she was expelled in his third year.

Elena Perminov

Career as a model Elena Perminov start in 16 years. Very bright model were immediately noticed and she was invited to Moscow. She did not miss this chance and immediately went to the capital, where after some time signed a contract with modeling agency, which was called Modus Vivendis. Elena has been shot for the world famous magazine "Playboy". And after some time, Stas Peha invited her to take part in his movie.

In 2004, the Agency decided in advance to break the contract because of the charges of distributing drugs. Later it turned out that the implementation of the unlawful acts of its forced-law husband Dmitry Holodkov. In 2007, she was sentenced - 6 years probation.

Elena Perminov

This is the most shining moment in the life of this amazing model. But during this event Perminov met with Alexander Lebedev, her real husband. He did the impossible to model a lighter sentence. From that moment, the life of the well-known model has completely changed. In 2009, Helen gave birth to their first child Alexander. The boy was given the name of Nikita. In 2011, Elena had another child, and the boy too.

Although pregnancy and childbirth, career Helena as a model began to develop very quickly. Another model being pregnant was shot for "Pop" magazine completely nude. Beginning in 2009, Elena began to take an active part in fashion shows Armani, Viktor & Rolf, Lanvin worldwide.

But this has not stopped the career of Helen. It has become a business partner of her own husband, as well as a very popular stylist. In 2011 Eelna took the position of "Pop" magazine editor.

At the moment, Elena - a global style icon. She is constantly featured in the forefront during the fashion shows and the gossip column, it is often invited as a model of the most famous fashion designers all over the world. Elena Perminov - a favorite of modern critics. In the entire history of his career, Elena managed to visit almost all the rankings of the most stylish people who make such well-known publications such as Vogue and so on. In the rating of "50 most stylish men of the world", she is the only representative of our country.

Elena Perminov

The image of Elena Perminova.

Often, this model is presented to the public in an avant-garde image. But she is always feminine and romantic nature. Her outfits and images very often cause a lot of controversy. Someone she admires, and someone suggests that it no raisins. Often, in choosing their outfits Elena contradictory, but she always wears the clothes that are just like her. It can be combined with great ease those things that are interconnected nesochitaemymi.

Fragile and refined figure, very bright features are always forced to pay attention to this girl and remember it for a lifetime. Elena always amazes street photographers in the heart. None of them can not miss her new image.

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