Celebrities choose to wear fur!

Stars love to dress smartly and show your style and taste. They will not be afraid to experiment and know what they need. Some lovers of fashion spend a lot of time near the mirror, trying to imagine a perfect view, while others dress up much faster. But always the famous women of their way of doing style of the beautiful princess.

Fur lends star personality attracts paparazzi and admiration and envy of other women. Famous people know how to choose a real and high quality fur.

Fur selected foreign celebrities

Sarah Jessica Parker, style trendsetter and Acrisius, who played the main character of the film "Sex and the City", always makes its appearance like a piece of art and has fur, even in summer. She says that every woman in your wardrobe should have a fur coat.

Celebrities choose to wear fur!

The popular singer Jennifer Lopez loves expensive chinchilla fur and has a fur appliances along with vests, stoles. Her wardrobe is estimated at five hundred thousand dollars. And Paris Hilton prefers to wear clothes from mink fur. And a soft spot for bright cape short size.

Celebrities choose to wear fur!

The famous singer Rihanna has mink, chinchilla, Rysin and sable fur coats, jackets, coats and hats. Even scandalous queen Lady Gaga bought a fox fur coat bright pink color, which went to New York.

Sharon Stone is also well-known lover of fur products. She goes to every ceremony from natural fur stoles and dresses mantle. The star has a large collection of furs and in her wardrobe, there are also rare and beautiful models. Many other stars also love to wear things made of natural fur. Among these celebrities can be called Madonna, Demi Moore, Kate Hudson, and many others.

Celebrities choose to wear fur! Celebrities choose to wear fur! Celebrities choose to wear fur!

Russian famous stars also prefer natural fur things. In ballerina Anastasia Volochkova many furs that she had forgotten the exact number. Volochkova like to wear garments of rysego fur mink and light. Other women, Russian pop stars and movies that like fur, it's Lena Lenina, Oxana Fedorova. And among men stand Valery Leontiev, Filipp Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov They appear in public dressed in an expensive and beautiful fur. Among IVAGIO every day for a lot of people made outerwear with high levels of quality, fashion and comfort. The products of this company, created from precious natural furs and leather and suede, pretend fashion lovers always relevant, individual and stylish.

Russian pop stars and movie also prefer clothes made of fur from the company IVAGIO and buy it yourself. Among these famous people Gulkina Natalia, Demchog Vadim and others. Famous people fur company IVAGIO things interesting, and it is proof of the high quality of products.

Stars accurately understand this!

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