About the stars in bikinis

Celebrity life is not easy, because they do not have enough time for rest. If they have an opportunity to take a few days on vacation, they are trying to hold it in a beautiful location with a regular sunbathing. All celebrities dream to look great in a bikini - it is for them a great achievement.

About the stars in bikinis

Keep all interested, whether the result of a beautiful figure celebrities grueling diet or regular heavy training. To look pretty good in a bikini, even the most beautiful stars have a lot of work. Expert nutritionist Nick Waterman shared secret information about how all the celebrities achieve graceful form.

Abi Titmuss

Abi Titmuss openly shows his beautiful body in various reality shows. Her desire is normal, because many people want to appreciate the beautiful surrounding body. From the nature of Niki not be too thin, it is very accurate with sweets.

"Ebi often sits on a diet, and then gaining, then losing weight Eby has exquisite figure, which has an hourglass shape, thanks to this extra fat is distributed throughout the body evenly Sport is not engaged, perhaps only sexual gymnastics.." - says nutritionist .

Charlotte Church admitted that hooked directly on a pizza during pregnancy.

Nicky says, "Sometimes pregnancy is particularly necessary to monitor their diet, because of this your figure depends directly. In order to maintain perfect harmony, it is necessary to move a lot. If Charlotte and beyond will continue in the same spirit, the result is pick a lot of weight , from which it is very difficult to get rid of after giving birth. Cameron Diaz

Thirty-four-year-Cameron Diaz does not rest on a sun lounger, and often walks along the shore. "She is very beautiful, but recently her photographs'm not entirely successful - Nike says -. On the back can be seen clearly a few extra kilos of fat, which is released under the strap of her bra Due to the fact that she was miserable without Justin, she often. leans on booze. she swollen appearance. Cameron has always had a flawless look, and I hate to see what she stouter. "

About the stars in bikinis

35-year-old model and dancer Carmen Electra, according to Nike, for her age has a very beautiful body. Her huge bust, prevent her look perfect slim. "She regularly practices yoga and running around in the evenings, it is good for a monitor," - he added.

Drew Barrymore

Charlie Drew Barrymore - Star Angels, in his thirty-two years looks quite grown thin on fresh photographs. "She's pretty good looking Its appearance is not quite perfect, but compared to the previous period is much slimmer She is constantly in the morning doing exercises, three times a week, goes to training, as well as engaged in yoga -.. Nicky says -. To be slim she will always have to put a lot of effort. "

Halle Berry

About the stars in bikinis

40-year-old Halle Berry in a revealing bikini has always had a great view. "She suffers from diabetes, in connection with this constantly monitoring their diet. It is very slim and not skinny, every day she goes in for sports. I do not think she is eating pasta, white bread or drinks alcohol. She needs to constantly monitor themselves to perfect look "- Nicky said. Jemima Goldsmith

Socialite Jemima Goldsmith and billionaire in his thirty-three years, looks like never uses cake. "I think she has a painful appearance - Nicky says -. It is in the near future will be quite skinny Nicole Richie It's not nice to be like a skeleton, and that is very dangerous for her well I She needs redeveloped the course of three meals a day...

Keeley Hazel

About the stars in bikinis

The model has very Kiely Hazel correct and feminine figure. "I think she's in the very lucky. Nature gave her a very natural and beautiful body. She looks perfect. Due to the presence of small amounts of fat, her figure emphasize the flowing lines. In twenty years, she looks very young, but over the years may change. "

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is considered quite sexy woman in his twenty-seven years. "She's quite proportional figure - Nikki says -. I think it is a lot of moves, and regularly has sex with age, it is recommended to carefully look after yourself in the female body, after 25 slows down the metabolism appear to beautifully in the... bikini except for sex, it is necessary to regularly sweating in gyms.

Lindsay Lohan

About the stars in bikinis

At twenty-one years, Lindsay Lohan has gone through many tests, however, she looks healthy even after gained a couple of kilos. "It looks like it has just undergone a course of anorexia - Nicky says -. If she wants to constantly have a perfect look it will have to constantly works If it is to use the excess alcohol, it will lead to the appearance of wrinkles and excess weight gain.. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks - a former model, in his thirty-three years, is proud of its beautiful figure. More recently, in one of the TV show, she demonstrated how thin lately. Very thin it be necessary, says Nicky, as it is no longer a model. Tyra does not look fat and happy and completely healthy.