Pamela Anderson flashmob against ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge action does not come from the pages of news, still remain the most discussed in the recent past. Every day, one or the other celebrity from the world of politics, business, cinema, fashion, music, sports and other spheres of life pours itself with ice water, challenging the new and new people. The aim of the action is to turn public attention to the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, its analysis, to find means of getting rid of the disease.

Funds are collected in a specially created fund, which has already received about 42 million US dollars. For comparison, last year for the same month were collected two million dollars.

At the same time, there are those celebrities who do not support its implementation. In particular, it is not a supporter of the famous actress, her face glossy covers of fashion magazines, Pamela Anderson. Glamorous diva on this issue expressed in the social networks.

Pamela Anderson flashmob against ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

As she says, she sees no sense to participate in this promotion. Moreover, Pam is going to challenge the very foundation, as it does not agree with the numerous experimental animal experiments, which were conducted Association. The actress could not accept the inhuman treatment of the representatives of the animal world, which is specially introduced various infections and chemicals. In her opinion, it is unacceptable in such a brutal way to kill and then dismember the bodies of animals.

"And where the results? "- asks the actress. Nothing but the untold suffering caused to animals, no. Over the last 10 years people have been tested about 10 specially trained medical drugs, but with one exception (the effect of which is short-term effect), they did not give the desired result. Was it worth it to destroy as much of the fauna? After all, they - the same creatures, they also hurt they suffer as much as we. And while their bodies react to the effects of drugs is not the way people organisms. Studies have shown that out of hundreds of successfully tested in animal drugs, more than 90% did not give a positive result in humans. Much better effect modeling using computers and tests for those who voluntarily participating in medical experiments. Testing methods and new medicines on animals, according to the actress, it is the means of a bygone era. They are cruel, and, in addition, delay the process of finding positive solutions. Pamela Anderson is one of the most active defenders of wildlife. She participates in numerous actions for the protection of the environment and its inhabitants opposed the promotion of products and clothes from expensive furs, calls to give up eating meat. Anderson believes that one should live in harmony with nature.