Celebrity Hairstyles: short or long hair? (Photo)

Many do not realize the female form without long hair. All the stereotypes break star. Short haircuts have become especially popular in the 60s, when women began to defend the idea of ​​equality. Time passed, a short cut left. Now - this is no longer a symbol of freedom, rather the manifestation of personality.

Celebrity Hairstyles: short or long hair? (Photo)

Jennifer Lawrence

Sharon Stone during an acting career several times changed the locks on ultra-feminine hairstyle. Remained unchanged blond hair color.

Super model Naomi Watts is ambitious to change the image. It can be seen with dark and light hair. The model wore a long and silky hair, and wore a short haircut. For such a frequent change of image to help, so come wigs.

Fragile and delicate actress Natalie Portman is often compared to Audrey Hepburn. Natalie is not afraid of bold experiments with appearance. Actress for the role in the film even had to shave his head. And this does not spoil the magic Natalie.

Charlize Theron also for the sake of filming turned into bobbed brunette burning. Now the actress has returned to a favorite shade of hair - platinum. Charlize will again grow hair - is not yet known. Anne Hathaway for the film said goodbye to her long luxurious curls. Despite the fact that for this role, the actress received the "Oscar", she was very upset. Now Ann is trying to re-grow hair by all available means.

Celebrity Hairstyles: short or long hair? (Photo)

Pamela Anderson

Emma Watson short hair cut after filming "Harry Potter." With this hairstyle the actress took two years, and then returned to the familiar to her hair length.

Michelle Williams with short hair looks even more stylish and elegant. However, the actress in an interview said that he was going to return to the long curls.

Halle Berry recently prefers haircut "Peaks". All have become accustomed to see her in this manner. But the actress was not always so. Previously, she showed volume "quads". The expressiveness of his eyes actress emphasized long side bangs.

Keira Knightley prefers a short cut, which emphasizes long neck, drawing attention to the face. However, experiments with long hair, nevertheless, been an actress.

Rene Zelveger we have already seen with short hair. Sometimes, the actress returned to it.

Celebrity Hairstyles: short or long hair? (Photo)

Coco Rocha

Beyonce Knowles is known to us gorgeous long hair. Pop diva and showed wavy hair and equal, and afrokosichki. The singer recently decided to try a haircut "Pixie". Rihanna is not afraid to experiment with hairstyles. Moreover, the singer does not stop at the classics, but prefers something more shocking.

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow in his youth was a delicate, fragile and slightly stooped woman. At the time, the actress wore a short haircut, which only emphasized her charm. Later, Gwyneth grow hair. Now she looks more feminine and graceful.

Carey Mulligan, Cate Blanchett, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and many other stars show the diversity of short hairstyles. Favorite actress and model so quickly change their image, that we can only marvel at this. Today - gentle blonde, tomorrow - a passionate brunette. Today - with luxury long curls, and tomorrow - already with a short haircut. Modify images sometimes a necessity, an integral part of the profession. And for some - it is just entertainment.