Star style Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger - a famous Hollywood actress with a staff of admirers. It reserves the association girls nymphet, although age is quite mature. The actress has a graceful figure, delicate skin and blond hair.

Star style Diane Kruger

style Star Diane Kruger special. Her image is felt aristocratic tone - a proud look and ironic half-smile. Do not allow the actress to wear hairstyles negligent or careless to appear in the toilet. Perhaps such a formality to their appearance is explained by education and German roots. Diana always impeccable in public, indeed it was not zameshena in any scandal.

Diane Kruger - paid actress, so the carpet, she appears in a specially sewn dresses, matched the figure of the star. To her gray eyes perfect dress blue and delicate shades. Amazing actress and shining beige dress.

On prefers naturalness and minimum contrasts carpet Diane Kruger - this is her star style. How many women, the actress may be surprised by unexpected outfits, including a dress with artistically embroidered top, a skirt with a slit and a brilliant belt. Kruger often tries on the male image (suspenders, bow-tie), which demonstrates their femininity. Diane Kruger loves red and black color that suits her. It is therefore not surprising that the dress-flower, from under which peeps wavy edge of the lower skirt, as well as a complex of aloe with drapery.

Outside shooting actress loves comfortable clothes, happy to wear breeches in a sports-style t-shirt. So she can go shopping. A special highlight of Diane Kruger gives street style - jeans, vest, scarf, matched in tone. She boldly combines different types of things that creates its star style. Diana likes to play parts, for example, shoes of leather combined with a contrasting toe. Quite practical and alive.

The actress is trying to take everything from life now, so happy to wear short dresses and high heels. And her fans remains to admire and enjoy its image, copying the style.

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