Star Anne style Khil'kevich

Anna Khil'kevich - the well-known actress on the TV series "Univer. A new hostel, "in which she plays one of the main characters. She appeared in films from the age of fourteen, but her professional career began only in the year 2003.

Now Anna is working together with many actors, among them Natalia ruds Vitaly Gogunsky Ararat Keschyan and others.

Star Anne style Khil'kevich

The girl become a popular and frequent guest at various social events and premieres, about her a lot said and written in the media. Therefore Anna is one of those whose own star style - the result of considerable work.

Ethnicity young Anna Khil'kevich can be described in two words - bright blonde. Not surprisingly, the fair-haired actress in real life supports the image of "Blonde in Chocolate". Anya often decorated with different hair accessories, including rims with bows and almost always wears a hairstyle - disheveled tuft of hair on his head ( "Dulko," as he calls the actress). Sometimes it can be seen with her hair down and woven into a braid.

Star Anne style Khil'kevich

The makeup Anja prefers to highlight her eyes, for she skillfully leads the arrows on the eyelids and use false eyelashes and lips, which paints a bright pink or red lipstick.

Clothing young actress - mostly short dresses and high heels. As admitted herself Anna Khil'kevich, she has a favorite shoes, which it often is - a black court shoes with high heels on the Ives Saint Laurent.

In the wardrobe of Anna no different hats, bowlers and other headgear, as well as jackets. The actress believes that such things do not interest her.

Star Anne style Khil'kevich Star Anne style Khil'kevich Star Anne style Khil'kevich Star Anne style Khil'kevich