Style of Grace Kelly

All his life the famous film actress Grace Kelly surrounded by beauty and luxury. Over time it has become an icon of style, and her name thanks to the fine taste has become a household name in the fashion world.

Style of Grace Kelly

The style of hair and make-up Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly has always been characterized by an elegant and feminine style. Legendary film star had the manners of aristocrats, and always looked nice, so still it remains an example to follow. No matter what she wore, T-shirt and jeans or an evening dress, Grace Kelly looked exquisite. Her wedding dress, and today is considered the best. Another notable Grace style was Hermes Kelly bag, which was later named after a movie star (The Kelly Bag).

Grace Kelly was a beauty secret is simple - she always knew what she goes. Each image has been thought out to the smallest detail. In most cases, the public in the form of a star look that complements the classic styling waves, white gloves and glasses in massive frames. These two accessories are mandatory Grace Kelly. And here is an example of placing celebrities are still enjoyed by many. Also, the actress picked up the hair up often, which is fixed a hairpin. Here Grace Kelly makeup can not be called a kind of special. At that time it was fashionable to highlight your eyes, and that she loved to do the star. Grace, of course, sometimes things bright make-up, but most of the time she preferred the natural colors of lipstick and blush.

Style of Grace Kelly Style of Grace Kelly