Star style Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova real Cinderella from Nizhny Novgorod. An ordinary girl in a few years become one of the most successful models in the world. Natalya happily married, she was the mother of three children and still finds time for charity work and his career are not neglected by family.

Star style Natalia Vodianova

Russian model has a special appearance, commitment and charisma, so talk about it, that "she made herself." No less a role in this was played and the star style of Natalia, who is admired the world masters of fashion.

Star style Natalia Vodianova

Apparel Natalia Vodianova

Work on his style of Natalia has already become, as a model, as in her youth she was not up to the fashion trends, as the girl's family was not rich. Style simple girl from the provinces has grown rapidly - it quickly became a trendsetter. The conviction of the model itself, can only be a stylish person, not like the others.

Star style Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova choose things that are not seen on the other. Buying model prefers to do in unusual places. For example, it can often be seen on the European flea market or in the showroom is not yet well-known New York designer. However, the classic Chanel suit or evening Valentino toilets at the famous model, too, have in the wardrobe.

Star style Natalia Vodianova

Natalya unusual fashion tastes. Thus, the modern things Vodianova combines with vintage and feminine dresses combined with shoes, like men. She loves bright colors and colorful ornaments. Fashion critics love to Natalia for her talent to look very natural. The model is free from the classic stereotypes - she is not afraid to seem ridiculous and it may well appear in public in the same outfit more than once. For example, for a long time, she wore leather leggings, which are combined with short skirts, dresses, and occasionally used them as a separate item of clothing.

Vodianova is now seriously interested in vintage style - she has quite a collection of dresses and accessories of the past. For the red carpet Natalia Vodianova always choose catchy outfits of bright colors or unusual cut, but in everyday life prefers practical clothes - skinny jeans, cardigans and simple T-shirt.

Star style Natalia Vodianova Star style Natalia Vodianova

Accessories Natalia Vodianova

Star Style of Natalia Vodianova - discreet images without frills. Most often, the model uses a discreet accessory (bracelet, a watch or an elegant pendant). A rare exception - a massive multi-tiered necklaces and then, if required by the image. Russian model of bags prefers elegant Chanel 2.55, but in everyday life is roomy bag.

Scarves - one of the favorites Natalia. In her wardrobe a whole variety of them - long bright scarves, knitted scarves and shawls in colorful bohemian style.

In addition Vodianova have a large collection of shoes (sandals in ethnic style and classic pumps to stilettos, wedges and boots on a weightless sandals, boots rough and jockey boots). Natalia does not like extravagant shoes with extremely high platform or futuristic sandals from some plexiglass. In her opinion, it is pretentious.

Make-up and hairstyle Natalia Vodianova

Russian model has a unique appearance, which even with the years does not change. Of course, with such external data Natalia can not use cosmetics. Therefore, she prefers natural makeup to even go out and the red carpet and in everyday life and do not use cosmetics.

She is convinced that the hair and skin need to rest. As for the hair, usually Vodianova wears loose hair or slightly disheveled. Length hair Natalia almost did not change, only the hair shortened to a penalty.

Repaint the hair is absolutely not going to, rightly believing that everyone has a look - the image that is most suitable. As the model: "Why change something?".