Star style of Natalie Portman

Despite the fact that Natalie Portman is very young, it is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. She proved to be not only as an actor but also as a director and environmentalist. By profession a psychologist Natalie, she - a graduate of Harvard University.

Fame to the actress came with the beginning of her career, it's a girl, she played in "Leon" movie. Nathalie was growing up, was formed as an actress and gradually "taking shape" her star style.

Star style of Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman on the red carpet

Star style young Natalie - a delicate taste and chic outfits. She never uses a mini dress or a very deep neckline to draw attention to himself. The actress prefers a simple manner at the same time, playing parts. For example, dress in the romantic style of the track and flying fabric with golden shoes and original dresses unusual cut.

Star style of Natalie Portman Star style of Natalie Portman Star style of Natalie Portman

Style Natalie Portman is a bit unusual, it seems she got from her character of Queen Amidala, she played in the movie "Star Wars." However, despite that Natalie does not look ridiculous and stupid, but on the contrary, is quite impressive.

Natalie Portman in daily life

In everyday life, Natalie Portman prefers comfortable shoes without heels - shoes, flip flops, sandals or shoes with flat soles. The actress wears clothes in casual style or sporty style. For example, a woman may wear baggy pants and a simple jacket and tie on the neck black scarf. Emphasis in this way become comfortable red sneakers. Scarf - a favorite accessory Natalie. He will save from the cold or from the prying paparazzi.

Star style of Natalie Portman Star style of Natalie Portman

Star style casual wear Natalie Portman is very modest. The actress wears a dress sometimes, but not necessarily a simple cut. Flashy colors - not for her.

Even in his youth Natalie has achieved a lot, but even more from her front. It may well be that the style of the actress still change.