Style of Lana Del Rey

Style of Lana Del Rey

The shrill voice, coupled with the appearance of the angel Lana Del Rey easily conquered the world in 2012. The image of the diva - a mixture of femininity and spontaneity, he predicted the laurels of shocking Lady Gaga. Due to their hairstyle with retro elements, Lana Del Rey is unique in any event.

25-year-old beauty - a sample of femininity and impeccable style, with elegantly selected images, and a welcome guest at parties the best fashion houses. Lana Del Rey signed a contract with a leading agency Next.

Style of Lana Del Rey

Style 50

retro elements have always been a major in the images of Lana Del Rey. Not long ago, she loved the style of Hollywood blue, appeared in public with flowing curls, decorated with luxurious accessories. Not surprisingly, due to the installation of such a sexy singer has taken a special place among the most elegant guests of the festival in Cannes.

Style 60

After rigorous 50s, the star moved to the style of the 60s. In 2012, Lana began to promote the vintage style of the 60s. By choosing a romantic image, Lana Del Rey stood on light blouses, fluffy skirts, dresses, jewel cases and soft sweaters. Created by her gentle way, it caused many to rethink his views on fashion, including young beauties.

Style of Lana Del Rey

Style 70

In the video for the song National Anthem Lana Del Rey appeared in "vintage" style of the 70s. For his image she chose the classic polo, popular to this day, and a wide bouffant hair dressing. Singer to face sporty 70s. And here is the most successful outfit in which she shone on the screen was blue mini dress. Outfit has become a very stylish thanks to the wide bandage for hair and a string of pearls, which certainly pleased with today's fashionistas. Lana Del Rey - a fan of white color, so in the video, she appeared in a white dress, which added a sumptuous bracelet in the Art Deco style.

Style of Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey outside the retro

Lana Del Rey often changes one image to another, as befits a real style icon. For example, replacing a retro style, she dyed her hair (red shade ceased to be a part of the image). Changes were made and the clothes in which she ceased to hold a certain style. Stylists Imagination excited the unthinkable combination of a wide shirt tied at the waist, high short and large gold jewelry.

Style of Lana Del Rey

In addition to the luxurious images, Lana Del Rey prefers the image of the neighbor's little girl, wearing a T-shirt with a fun pattern, shorts and sneakers. Therefore, to say that the singer's clothes soaked in the same direction, it is impossible.

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