Kate Middleton Style

Kate Middleton - an example of exquisite taste and impeccable modern aristocratic style. In Catherine the special status of the Prince and his wife the title of Duchess of Cambridge, which simply requires it to look always perfect, as befits a representative of the royal family. That is why the style of Kate Middleton, the young princess to the smallest detail thought out and sustained.

Kate Middleton Style

Makeup Kate Middleton

Princess for a long time is under strict public scrutiny. Katherine for many - the object of admiration and example to follow. Natural makeup - preference for the Duchess. Makeup Kate is quite simple and is based on two principles: highlight your eyes and use a lipstick to match the color of the lips.

Classics never go out of fashion. This rule also applies to the eyebrows, which should have the correct shape and have an average width. To the eye it is recommended to use a black pencil or eyeliner along the contour of the century. Lip - not very bright lipstick (pink or beige).

Kate Middleton Style

Clothing Kate Middleton

How should a true aristocrat, the image of Kate Middleton's perfect and exquisite, and her clothes always the case. Princess has a good taste, making it the world-renowned style icon.

Official and ceremonial events - part of the royal family. For such events, Catherine chooses dresses or suits medium-length classic style that emphasize the waist. She always looks simple and elegant. The Duchess also likes to wear a hat to match together (neat hat with decoration).

Kate Middleton Style

clothes by famous designers are not the only thing that is wardrobe, Kate. Princess prefers simple qualitative things for recreation and walks. She believes the informal clothing should be first of all easy. For example, jeans Kate Middleton is very simple, uncluttered, in a combination of them, she picks up a loose shirt or T-shirt only from natural materials.

Princess is an excellent figure, she emphasizes at parties, where Kate is able to reincarnate. And even a little outrageous fashions, such as mini-shorts or short dresses, she always looks aristocratic.

Hairstyle Kate Middleton

Flawlessness obligation to care for themselves in every respect. Hair - an important element of perfection. Kate Middleton likes to wear loose straight hair volume at the roots, with soft curls at the ends. The upper part of the hair gathered at the back, and the lower waves produced on the shoulders - hair style, which is common to see the princess. Formal Dining Katherine sometimes makes retro hairstyle when the hair neatly curled in a "shell" or a large beam.

Kate Middleton Style

Accessories Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton wore jewelry, worthy of its status: seemingly simple but made from the highest quality materials. Princess prefers small earrings in the form of small droplets, often inlaid with precious stones flawless cut.

Shoes Kate Middleton

As it turned out, she loves to wear high cowboy boots with a low heel, but the aristocratic life obliges not forget the classic shoe. Therefore, most of princess shoes - elegant pumps with a heel (height 10-12 cm). Occasionally Duchess of Cambridge prefers a more comfortable platform shoes or wedges.

Kate Middleton Style

Personal Care Kate Middleton

Reveal the secret of the beauty of Kate Middleton dream of many ladies. Some are looking for an answer in the names of brands of cosmetics, which uses the princess, the other - in the recipe of the famous mask with bee venom. In fact, the secret of the Duchess is simple, according to most Katherine. Firstly, it is professional care for face and body, and secondly, a healthy diet and good sleep; Third, exercise regularly and most importantly - an optimistic outlook on life.

Create an image of a famous person is quite possible, the most important to feel like a princess.

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