Kate Moss's Style

Kate Moss - a clear example of the relativity of beauty and impermanence of laws. She never adjusted to the common framework of their individuality, and thus owes its own success. Kate Moss has given rise to change opinions on the appearance, she dictates the style of our time. Star - recognized fashion trendsetter.

Kate Moss's Style

Looks Kate Moss

External data models are excellent, although many attribute anorexia (disease of malnutrition syndrome). Kate has a rather elegant figure, resembling more the emerging figure of the teenager. But the model looks like she admitted, because they adhere to proper nutrition and exercise.

Diet Kate Moss

Power model is based on low-calorie foods with low fat content. This meat is low-fat varieties; vegetables and fruits; low-fat milk and milk products; fresh herbs; bread and flour products from whole wheat flour, with added bran.

In addition, the diet Kate Moss suggests to use a lot of water (1, 5-2 liters per day) and fasting days (2-3 times a month).

Kate Moss's Style

Clothing Kate Moss

Street style - preference for Kate Moss. She does not follow fashion innovations and design tips, and guided by personal taste. Star Clothing - a successful combination of two styles - grunge and vintage. It always gives a feeling of exceptional comfort. To convince the stars, do not closely follow the new fashion trends. Important in the image, according to a model, the feeling of convenience and emphasize individuality.

Kate Moss's Style

Even the selection of evening dresses based on their own opinion, Kate Moss. Most often, this vintage dress length at the floor. For example, a wedding dress from Galliano model, which perfectly emphasized the elegance of the model. The dress was made in a simple free a cut in the style of the 30s and translucent fabric embroidered with sequins. All this is added the image of Kate's mystery and magic.

Jewelry Kate Moss

Supermodel created her own jewelry collection, which has become one of the most interesting projects of the stars. Prototype products are tattoo collection Kate Moss, a few small drawings on the body (a star on the right ankle, hearts on both hands, anchored on the right hand, a crown on his left shoulder, a bird on the back).

Amazing collection consists of 22 items of jewelry in the form of tattoos Kate. Every piece of jewelry inlaid with precious stones.

Kate Moss's Style

Hair Kate Moss

The hairstyles Kate Moss prefers the same style as the clothing. The model is now prefers loose hair (cropped cascade) without much styling or soft curls, loose descend on his shoulders.

Thanks to Kate Moss haircut bob in grunge style with bangs oblique successfully came into vogue (2001). This installation not less successfully approached the British model.


Together with the trading house of Coty in 2007, we began to produce perfume, Kate Moss, which today exists three flavors. Kate by Kate Moss (sweet musky-floral odor with bitter notes black rose). The design is executed in vintage style and pink packaging Painted black roses. Kate Moss Velvet Hour (provocative fragrance that combines notes of sandalwood, patchouli and blue pepper). Spirits produced in the container ellipse dark blue. Kate by Kate Moss Luxury Edition - an evening version of the debut fragrance (bright notes of white peach and vanilla).

All fragrances Kate Moss perfectly reflect the natural beauty of women, the attraction and inner freedom.

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