Style Lara Stone

Style Lara Stone

Lara Stone - one of the most popular and highly paid models in the world. She participated in many fashion events and favorite magazines. Due to its appearance and talent of Lara Stone has long been an object of admiration and imitation.

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The model has parameters figures 84-60-89; weight - 56 kg, and the height - 178 cm.

Biography Lara Stone

Lara Stone was born in Denmark, December 20, 1983 and up to 14 years of her life was normal. Life model turned a trip to Paris, where the girl had brought his father to show the city attractions. So tall and slender model Lara accidentally saw the agent who made the offer to become a model.

Style Lara Stone

Since that fateful meeting future life star has changed dramatically. She set a goal and started to go to her. In the 17 years after participating in the famous contest Elite Model Look Lara Stone has been noted as a very expressive participant. According to some experts the competition, young fashion model does not meet the criteria of the standard model. The model looks parameters do not fit the shape of legs, Shcherbinka between the teeth and a special gait. Later, these are the custom parameters and have become the highlight, which identified her among the huge number of other models. Defeat was not destined to contest Elite Model Look Lara, but she received an offer from the agency Elite Model Management, where he worked for 7 years. There, Lara Stone and plucked professional experience has not yet decided to change employer.

Style Lara Stone

Finest hour Lara Stone

Lara Stone's finest hour came when she began to work in a modeling agency IMG. The first invitation to open the autumn-winter show Givenchy, she received from Riccardo Tisci. After this show is overwhelmed by the success - received offers from world renowned companies (Miu Miu, Prada, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs and Chanel). Model has become the face of many famous brands, including Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Calvin Klein.

Lara Stone is decorated with the most famous fashion magazines, such as the world's photographers like Jürgen Teller, Steven Klein and Steven Mazel, vying invited to work it. Incidentally, this model is brilliant - Vogue magazine favorite, who has dedicated her entire issue.

The peculiarity of gait Lara Stone on the podium is due to its relatively small in relation to the increase in foot size - 37. Since she has worn at least one size smaller than usual dress shoes, you defile it in unstable shoes larger. In an interview, the model admitted that she does not like to walk the runway, and when it turns out the repeats to himself like a prayer: "Do not fall! Do not fall! Do not fall!". A special gift for Lara Stone from the fashion world began to shoes 37, size 5, started the fashion house Givenchy specifically for the star in the winter of 2007.

Style Lara Stone

Personal life Lara Stone

Personal life Lara Stone is arranged. She is married to British comedian David Uolliamsom. They began dating in the fall of 2009, and were married in May 2010. Wedding dress for the model made a talented designer Riccardo Tisci. Three years later, in 2013, the couple was already waiting for her the coveted first-born.

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