Style Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman - American model with a rather unusual name, which her mother gave in honor of the beloved designer and fashion designer Coco Chanel. Famous model was born in November 1989 in Atlanta, USA. She has a special beauty and this is no accident, because her parents are African, Korean roots and American roots. Bright and unique appearance the result of the mixing of blood in the family.

Style Chanel Iman

Chanel Ever since childhood showed the makings of a true model. So, the girl skillfully defile in a variety of costumes on Halloween. Others could only admire. The girl went every day to study in Los Angeles from another city. Later the work was to take a lot of time, and Iman abandoned his studies in favor of the catwalk and photo shoots.

Style Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman Model

Chanel Iman modeling career began in 2006 when 17-year-old took part in the competition organized by the agency "Ford Models". At the competition starlet took the third place, and then signed a contract with "Ford Models". Very soon Iman defile on the show fall-winter collection "DKNY" and "Custo Barcelona". At this time the career of the young model has become very fast to go up the hill - joint projects with well-known fashion houses ( "Valentino", "Stella McCartney", "Marc Jacobs", "Ralph Lauren" and others). Height stars 178 cm and weighs only 49 kg. Despite the very slim and thin figure, she allows herself to eat fatty and not healthy food - burgers, fries, hot dogs.

Style Chanel Iman Style Chanel Iman

Chanel once admitted that she does not plan a lifetime to work on the catwalk. She constantly is interested in fashion design. And in an interview with the magazine "Teen Vogue" model said that she has some thoughts on the creation of a new line of clothing.

In addition to the modeling business, Ivan tries himself in the role of leader. For the past 5 years, it is the leading model on the TV channel MTV "House of style".

attire Chanel Iman

It was felt that a model gloomy person, but to use this image to Chanel Iman is impossible, because the hallmark of a girl is smiling. Model likes smart casual style. These outfits are very convenient and comfortable, allows you to combine clothes from the mass of shops and expensive designer clothes. Like many women, Chanel loves a variety of shoes - it includes a collection of shoes and boots. Also at Iman body has two tattoos - one in the form of racks with the name on the neck, the other on the leg in the form of logos mom shops. Chanel Iman is still very young, so to speak about its preference to any particular style of clothing possible. If you look at the outfits models, we can conclude that she prefers bright and large accessories and high shoes. All this is typical of street style, loved by many women of the world for its comfort and versatility. And yet, in the images of Chanel Iman can be seen traces of rock style - leather jackets, leather pants, studs, black. That's all - features playful and bold style.

Iman - radiant girl with a very unique and beautiful appearance. This is what makes it successful. Model literally attracts the attention and admiration of others.

Style Chanel Iman Style Chanel Iman Style Chanel Iman Style Chanel Iman Style Chanel Iman Style Chanel Iman