Style Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo - one of the sexiest models, according to site. Model South African origin in 2009 became the angel of Victoria's Secret.

Style Behati Prinsloo

Career Namibian model began in the 16 years is quite prosaic. In the store it was noticed by a professional photographer and a few months later, she went to London to shoot. Thereafter Behati photos were decorated with such publications as Marie Claire, Vogue, Velvet, Elle and others.

Style Behati Prinsloo

With famous brand Victoria's Secret model has more than five years. However, she believes Behati glamorous brand and not acceptable for themselves. She is convinced that wearing a bra in everyday life for the girls with a beautiful figure is not acceptable. The female body is beautiful by nature, so it is not necessary to put on the beautiful and comfortable bras.

Style Behati Prinsloo Style Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo in everyday life prefers the so-called boyish style, but still wears light dresses and bohemian style hippie outfits.

Model, like most of his colleagues, loves free style clothing. Recently, her husband Adam Levine is actively using family look. Star couple together long but already shows the unity of taste in clothes. So, for a walk or shopping wife sent in plain clothes. This - the usual white T-shirts, jeans and shorts like ordinary people. But the shoes they choose well-known - Dr. Martens. Couple chooses the shoes are not just one brand of color, but also the same laces.

Style Behati Prinsloo Style Behati Prinsloo Style Behati Prinsloo

Shoes Dr. Martens is popular among many fashion lovers. For example, the most daring fashion fans wear shoes such as with jeans and dresses with lace and silk skirts.

Behati Prinsloo and her husband dress alike, not only in everyday life but also in the social events. Typically, the young couple selected outfits one color or of similar fabrics. So they looked at the ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards. Spouses are often similar things.

Behati Prinsloo Adam Levine - a vivid example of the harmony of family relations, the essence of which is not only in love, understanding and respect, but in the general interest. This is often manifested in a sense of style for two. Among the stellar pairs family look is a huge success.

Surprisingly, the girl has gained popularity due to advertising underwear, urges women to give up bras in everyday life.

There is no doubt that the bra to any representative of the fairer sex looks beautiful and sexy. However, the model is convinced that a girl with beautiful shapes bras are not needed. And what about those whom nature has deprived curvaceous? To wear push-up bras? Recently, more and more popular among the modern women gets breast augmentation or simply plastic surgery. Perhaps, in a few decades will give way to a bra with silicone breasts.

Style Behati Prinsloo Style Behati Prinsloo Style Behati Prinsloo

In everyday life Behati Prinsloo shows the beauty of this nature, and that is its main feature. Despite their "angelic" popular model prefers simple and natural.