Tips from the style of Victoria Beckham

Tips from the style of Victoria Beckham

• Silhouette - the main thing in the image. It - handbag, shoes, sunglasses, hat.

• Avoid buying disposable gowns. Get things so that they can be combined and worn long.

• It is not necessary to show all their charms. It's vulgar. Therefore, if you open slender legs in mini, it is necessary to close the top as possible.

• Jeans are versatile, so you can always look great in them.

• It is not necessary to dress up in the morning in a hurry. Imagine the whole his entire outfit.

• When buying a shirt, choose their size larger, so they will not be too short.

• misconception that mini skirt perfectly emphasize feet actually play this role better skirt A-shaped style.

• Do not skimp on the things that we use constantly (jeans, shoes, bags, etc..). • According to the Victoria opinion, the most practical model tan shoes. It visually lengthens the leg, and perfectly match with any outfits.

• How much would have liked the shoes in the store, do not buy it, if the size does not suit you.

• At home on weekends Victoria clothes over his pajamas cozy bathrobe, hair removes in a ponytail. However, if you planned a family dinner, she puts on a stylish shirt and nice pants.

• During pregnancy Beckham herself to fit the jeans themselves. She cut out on the sides of the V-shaped holes and sew the elastic fabric.