Style Kate Mara

We know a great actress of films and TV series, "Iron Man 2", "Body Parts", "American Horror Story", "House of Cards," "Brokeback Mountain." Let us discuss the outputs Kate Mara out and fashion style in recent years .

Style Kate Mara

At the award "Golden Globe" in California actress appeared in a scarlet dress to the floor, underlined model beautiful neckline. Gold accessories perfectly complement a wide belt. But in the secular lunch in New York, Kate came in a black dress Alexander Wang X H & M.

For secular actress summer party can choose a very stylish way, such as "wine" skirt that will look great in contrast with the yellow top and blue bulk bag. Sandals with animal print, again gold accessories and flirty hairstyle - all this makes the image of Kate playing.

Not only dress hanging in the closet of Mary. What can sexy black elongated jacket, combined with heels? So it was on HBO's Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.

Style Kate Mara

The makeup Kate usually focuses on the eyelids and dark purple shade with brown pencil on the inner century - the perfect solution for light skin actress. Most importantly - do not overdo it with the rouge and lipstick.

Also, people in awe of Kate Mara's casual style, is not only trivial jeans and T-shirts fills her wardrobe, the actress prefers to dress bright colors or with interesting ornaments on them. A correct selection of shoes and accessories making it quite finished images, but at the same time, they are not overloaded with accessories.

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style Kate Mara


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