Vera Brezhnev and the success of its beauty

When we look at her, I often ask the question: how she manages to look great all the time? Vera Brezhnev on this issue there is a philosophical answer: "In order to look good, you need every day to work on their appearance."

Vera Brezhnev and the success of its beauty


The singer tries to eat small portions, do not load up at night, and always replaces the traditional garnish vegetables. Vera has long been eliminated from your diet sugar, cakes, chocolate, bread and pasta. The basis of the diet of faith includes vegetables, cheese and seafood. And every morning the singer begins a useful porridge. The actress laughs: "The formula of my beauty is quite simple - there is no where very large amounts of food!"

Vera Brezhnev and the success of its beauty


Brezhnev believed that natural beauty can be easily lost. For this reason, it is very carefully monitor their appearance. Virtually every interview Brezhnev says that she grew up in a poor family and could not afford expensive care products for the body and skin.

However, this did not prevent her stand out among peers. - I always told my mother that is primarily important for women to cleanliness and tidiness, - says Vera. - I think so far that this is the most important element of beauty. After all, you can look excellent, even using low-cost, but high-quality tools.

In addition to high-quality and expensive cosmetics, the singer used and popular recipes, which she believes are just as effective. For example, Brezhnev regularly applied whitening mask of fresh cucumber and refreshing lotions from tea leaves to the eye. To update the skin Brezhnev once a week make peeling the body.

Be particularly careful of the actress skin. She tries to clean it every day. Singer argues that the current ecology can not do without purification.

Once a season Vera takes vitamins, which helps it to withstand a load of crazy and hectic schedule. Brezhnev vitamins money does not regret, she buys only expensive and quality. As a public person, Vera very carefully monitors the health of their teeth.

She brushes her teeth several times a day, and this ritual is performed in accordance with all her rules - for the procedure is given at least five minutes.


Brezhnev recently engaged in Pilates. With its help the muscles are made in relief and strong, and very feminine figure remains. Generally Brezhnev is trying to lead a very active lifestyle. According to the star, it helps any woman for a long time to preserve youth and beauty. At the site of actress sits very low, because every day it is painted almost by the minute, so it is always in motion, even helps to keep the muscles toned.