Beauty secret Jennifer Lopez

Beauty secret Jennifer Lopez

Be always beautiful and attractive - the dream of millions of women around the world and the professional duty of famous personalities. Among them is a singer, actress, and just a very attractive woman - Jennifer Lopez. Her appearance always amazed each of its access to the public - an event which will speak.

However, it turns out, it is not so easy is it manages. Jennifer, like any other woman, a lot of problems with the appearance, which require constant hard work.

Thus, according to an insider from the inner circle Lopez, the most problematic area for her - femur. In fact, because of them, and she became famous, and now she has to deal with on a daily basis the main problem in this area - cellulite. According to an insider, to fight it, Jennifer uses an exclusive and very expensive cream, which in its composition contains diamond dust. Its cost is about two hundred and fifty dollars. The singer uses it on a daily basis, and only in this way it is possible to control cellulitis, which spreads more and more.

If you have the same problem, you can use the way Jennifer. Of course, in the cream with the diamond particles do not have enough money for everyone. But just scrub the problem area in any way - it is an effective method. So try it, and you can make your hips as beautiful as Jennifer.

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