Secrets cosmetic Vera Brezhnev

Secrets cosmetic Vera Brezhnev

The famous star first began to use cosmetics in 14 years, without losing the sense of proportion.

Care is not the meaning of my life, and the best kind of good assistants - this is a dream, making love, eating right.

Do you want to stay longer young and beautiful - to look after themselves.

My first rule in the morning - a thorough brushing your teeth at least 4 - 5 minutes. Do not forget to change your toothbrush every 2 months.

If you are invited to star in the advertising of a cosmetic brand - choose only those you trust. Of the latter - Blend-a-Med and Oral-B.

Sport - an important part of care, it should be fun. For myself, I chose Pilates - enough to train the muscles, while the figure is feminine.

I have three sisters. As a child, we are not too pampered super-cleaning products, but we have learned well that in this case the main thing - orderliness and cleanliness. In my opinion, heredity, of course, plays an important role, but even beautiful by nature's appearance, can ruin not giving proper care. From folk remedies I use a mask of cucumber lotion of tea. They are very refreshing.

Water - the source of life, it gives strength and health of the body. It is also important to take vitamins, I do it once a season. It helps to feel cheerful even in the busiest days.

As for diet, I do not stick and do not advise others. The basis of the diet - a ban on something, and, as they say, the forbidden fruit is sweet, and that's a vicious circle. Far better to stick to proper diet: eliminate from the diet of high-calorie foods, not overeating at night to reduce the portions and the like.

What do I need my skin to look good? This gentle massage and mask. Peeling - once a week, every day - cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Recently I tried to Japanese massage "Yumiyho" - unforgettable experience.

In winter the body needs some special care. I try to use vitamins, and even better - to rest at sea. In the cold period of use more fat creams, and in the summer, on the contrary, light serums.

For me, the main recipe of beauty includes sleeping, eating, making love. What is needed by the body for beauty - Activity or peace - an individual matter. Personally, I am very active and my work schedule is incredibly rich. Activity - this is my life.

The choice of toilet water or perfume guided by the seasons. In winter, choose a richer flavors, and in summer - sweet, fresh, floral.

In his family I pay much attention to a healthy lifestyle. Watch the health status of the whole family, choose only high quality and fresh products, to limit the use of food from fast food, my husband and I exercise regularly, do not smoke and do not abuse alcohol.

I love salads, muesli, milk porridge, cutlets, grilled vegetables.

Despite the fairly active lifestyle, I like to relax on vacation.

The turning point in his life - the birth of children. This sharp transition from "life for themselves" to adulthood, which involves responsibility not only for themselves but also for their little miracle.

Secrets cosmetic Vera Brezhnev