Kira Plastinina shares secrets

Kira Plastinina shares secrets

What it is always in fashion? It is healthy and fit figure.

Regardless of age every girl aspires and should aspire to look after themselves. Such care does not necessarily presuppose the use of cosmetics or abuse of various treatments. It is, first of all, protection of the skin from cold, heat, exercise, proper nutrition.

Cyrus said that her daily make-up - usually dealing own hands. She's trying to make it as natural as possible, just a little allocates eyes. Sometimes she still enjoys the services of professionals, but only to a professional photo shoot.

One of the latest acquisitions in makeup - a favorite powder with minerals. Cyrus does not use creams, but the powder - exactly what you need.

In the opinion, young designer, you can not choose a make-up for all occasions, we must not try to be like someone, just find their individual characteristics and beneficial it said.

Relatively cosmetic procedures, for Kira, in the first place - it's cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Obligatory are also sports. Favorite view - riding. Every day she eats breakfast porridge on the water with honey. According to the girl, all have to do with pleasure, only then it will be useful. Are there any restrictions? Of course have. It is alcohol, nicotine. One of the weaknesses of celebrity - sunbathing, but even they Kira tries not to abuse it. She also tries to refrain from experimenting with looks.

The most necessary things in the purse: a cream for make-up, face powder with minerals, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss.

It is usually assumed that the more expensive brand, so it is better. But not always this formula works. Sometimes, even the most expensive cosmetics can not go, but cheaper - just for you, so the main thing - an individual approach to their choice.

Folk remedies also have a chance to exist, but here you have to be careful and follow the rule: do no harm.

Kira Plastinina shares secrets Kira Plastinina shares secrets