"Apple from apple-tree" or children of famous parents dudes

On the kiddies celebrities from early childhood entrusted a great responsibility - to be part of the image of their star parents. journalists' attention is drawn to the crumbs from the cradle. That's why celebrities children to a particular period of life, produced a strong immunity to the increased attention, and many kids even enjoyed "playing up" and savor the public life, giving restless reporters material for such articles.

So, your attention is provided a list of the most dear - a selection of the most stylish celebrity kids.

Suri Cruise

Heir to the famous actor's ex-family - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is considered one of the top young Hollywood fashionistas. In their 8 years old, Suri is already making its contribution to the law of children's fashion. Many of her friends borrow from girl habit of wearing in the hands of the doll, a passion for bright clothes. Surprisingly, this young creature so convinced others of the presence of good taste, that soon, under the signed one fashion house contract, Suri will present to the world its own line of children's clothing.

Willow Smith

Adorable Willow, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett also managed to loudly declare themselves fashion circles. Apart from a few works in the cinema, study and work on the vocals, 14-year-old Willow found a way to express themselves in clothes. She skillfully combines elements of clothes from the women's and men's locker room. Adding their interesting accents. Unlike its glamorous star peers, Willow did not seem in a hurry to grow up, preferring heels shoes, dresses and shiny jeans and underwear.

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt

Baby Shiloh, daughter starry family - Bredda Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the parents apparently also did not seek to "oglamurivat". Often blonde beauty can be seen in the sports odezhde- shorts, T-shirts discreet colors. The fact that the girl was not wearing frilly dresses, does not prevent it from being a style icon among teenagers.

Romeo Beckham

It is not surprising that the main fashionable moms show business Victoria Beckham and most stylish football player David Beckham the world grows one of the most advanced in the field of fashion trends son. 12-year-old Romeo has managed to show that the notion of "taste" and "sense of style" laid it at the genetic level and for this, the fate of a young mod rewarded the opportunity to become the face of the advertising company Burberry.