Style Lena Hideyo

Lena Hideyo - forty years of British actress. She was born in Bermuda in a military family. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a barber, and was not at all keen on the theater or cinema. Hideyo acting career began at age 17 when the casting agent asked her to audition for the film by Stephen Gyllenhaal's "In the water." The first work in the cinema has brought her fame. For the sake of filming Hideyo learned to ride and still engaged in boxing.

Style Lena Hideyo

Lena - Actress specific roles in films of various genres - from melodrama to militants. Thanks to its excellent physical preparation and special acting Hideyo perfectly transforms with each new role, in addition to performing all the stunts herself.

Hideyo filmography includes more than 50 films and plays, including "The Jungle Book," "Onegin," "The Brothers Grimm," "300", "The Red Baron" and "Judge Dredd 3D". In addition, the actress played Sarah Connor in the TV series "Terminator: The Battle for the Future" and Cersei Lannister in the television series "Game of Thrones". For his work in the "Game of Thrones" Briton was nominated for "Emmy" in 2014-2015 in the category "Best Actress".

Style Lena Hideyo Style Lena Hideyo

Dark hair and short hair, which is almost always the same, and the body is decorated with interesting pictures of tattoos - a kind of business card for the actress with a bright appearance. Incidentally, such a large number of tattoos bring a lot of make-up artist of problems during pre-production on the court.

Style Lena Hideyo

In general, style Lena Hideyo - a classic and favorite color - black. But the actress really go and blue, and white, and red colors. When the actress leaning toward choosing the classic outfits, in which case it prefers the normal cut and color of one tone. The result is quite excellent. Hideyo looks perfect in any evening dress or cocktail dress. For social events Lena prefers feminine dresses, classic suits with skirts or trousers.

Style Lena Hideyo

The actress does not use the services of stylists, so it is often criticized for the bad images. Not surprisingly, because Elena can come to the event dressed "in a hurry" or uncombed. Therefore, some of the images of the actress is quite bad, and there are altogether disastrous.

Style Lena Hideyo


Style Lena Hideyo

Yet the style of Lena Hideyo rather unusual, it is a great lover of experimenting with the clothes. The British always stands out from the crowd monotonous their compatriots.

It is possible that the style of the actress is still being formed, yet it gives priority to the classics. In everyday life, star of TV series is not too intricate outfits, but in recent years it became increasingly approve of the good image.

Images of the classic dresses, jackets and trousers are very well chosen actress and dress in red and white colors give the elegance and aristocracy.

Style Lena Hideyo Style Lena Hideyo Style Lena Hideyo

Today Lena Hideyo - a popular actress in demand TV shows, her acting work boils. She is a happy wife and mother. This year Hideyo gave birth to her second child, as reported by all of his fans.

Style Lena Hideyo each time becoming more and more exquisite and classic images are simply created for it.