Style Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts - the world-famous Hollywood actress, it has long been recognized as a style icon. And, despite the fact that every year this magnificent woman gets older, she is prettier on the eyes as a vintage wine. Kudos to the actress came after the role of Vivian in the film "Pretty Woman."

Julia Roberts has a delicious taste - it in any place looks refined and feminine, which is not under force to some young ladies. Her images are so natural and refined, so far, this famous "Cinderella" is a role model for women all over the world. It is not surprising that for many men, it has become a way of female perfection.

Style Julia Roberts

Star style Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is associated with the image of a gentle and beautiful lady. In combination with the unique Hollywood star smile her appearance inspires many - designers, photographers, cameramen and others.

Each actress outfit concise and quite refined, and her dress - magnificent. By choosing clothes World famous are carefully and judiciously. She always chooses the same time fashionable and comfortable clothes. She had always to face pantsuits. His preference for the star gives all kinds of shaped length maxi or midi. In addition, Julia never wears mini dresses, she still is not much bares cleavage. Among her favorite colors - dark. In this case, the actress always stands out in the crowd.

Style Julia Roberts Style Julia Roberts Style Julia Roberts

scarves - a favorite accessory Roberts, whom she brings a touch of freshness to their concise manner. In the wardrobe of the actress of great many - from the strict aristocratic and classic to the most playful bright colors.

Outside of work and stellar "hangouts" Julia Roberts is the same refined and feminine. Giulia - one of those women that look stunning even in work clothes. In ordinary life, the star prefers to wear jeans in dark blue, at least - light blue. If it's skinny jeans, make sure fitting shape, if flared jeans - that perfect length. But flowing jeans even more improve its image.

Style Julia Roberts

In addition to the favorite jeans Roberts chooses various tunics, always combining them correctly. Thus, fitting the bottom of it combines with the free top. But with the help of fitting parts in clothes she adds the image of sexuality, when it does not look vulgar. As for the combination of shades, the actress dark bottom combines with the top of the same colors, but with a light pastel shades.

But Robert is not against experiments with different styles. For example, it can be seen in close-fitting T-shirt in white, bell-bottomed jeans with ornaments and colorful ethnic bag. T-shirts are one of the favorite elements of the star's clothing.

Style Julia Roberts Style Julia Roberts Style Julia Roberts Style Julia Roberts

Evening dresses Julia Roberts in the dark shades of all as concise and refined. However, against the background of the diversity of the brightest stellar images, the actress, on the contrary, is always highlighted. Its secular images are never over open and the shoulders are often covered. Perfect ensemble does not break even shoes, chosen to match the dress.

Make-up and hairstyles Julia Roberts

The actress loves natural makeup. And no wonder, since Roberts has special features that do not require an additional allocation.

Most often, Julia Roberts can be seen with a decreasing soft curls or carefully collected hair from behind without any accessories. actress Hair color has changed several times - from white to red. But most of all it was excellent with small dark curls.

The image of Julia Roberts - romantic. But because of the specific profession star may be different.

Charming smile and eyes, perfect figure, incredible charisma - so this is the style star Julia Roberts, which is today known all over the world and the truth is considered to be a style icon.