Anfisa Chekhov or Alexander Korchunova - Muscovite, a popular Russian TV show and an attractive woman, known for her curvaceous. From the very childhood dream of becoming famous, speak in public, but few imagined that it wants. In GITIS young star arrived the second time, thanks to his perseverance, but after a time, was expelled.


A major creative work of Chekhov beginning on Muz-TV channel, TV-6, TVC, M1, STS, however the recognized love, especially in men, she received after the program "Sex with MAIL SAVE" on channel TNT. After that, there was still a lot of well-known projects.

Anfisa Chekhov's one of those women who are not shy about his body, and, on the other hand, like to emphasize the curvy shape. She loves clothes decollete. TV presenter almost always possible to pick up clothes for a non-standard shapes. All her images either causing or in modest measure.


During the filming of the program "Sex with MAIL SAVE" stylists tried to fame. Her style was somewhat challenging, even screaming. Anfisa, maintaining the image of the program, and appeared at social events. Her closet was full of clothes with a deep neckline, fluffy skirts, corsets and tight-fitting things. This style of Anfisa Chekhov was not so bad.


Even when the work on the program was completed, Chekhov continued to maintain the image of a seductress. TV presenter continued to work in television, but after the change in his personal life, her image and style have changed a lot.

After a happy marriage and the birth of her son, Anfisa Chekhov revised its style of clothing. In social networks and then began to appear more and more new pictures of her home gatherings, rather than secular parties.


Style Anfisa Chekhov was feminine, but became more gentle. She remained décolleté dresses, but they became much smaller. In the locker room there is a TV presenter dresses and skirts, trousers can be found very rarely. Most often it is pajamas, sweatpants or jeans.

Another advantage of the new transformation of the stars - wear things just its size. Exceptions, of course, occur, but these are exceptions. Chekhov prefers clothes with vertical and X-shaped lines. With the help of vests and jackets on one button girl visually reduces the waist, that looks pretty impressive. In addition to this reception presenter also uses a belt that clearly fits into the overall ensemble.


MAIL SAVE Shoes with heels or wedges, with the exception of shoes for rest on a flat course. She loves decorated shoes. For example, it has a translucent plastic shoes, sandals gentle beige and peach-colored. In addition, the fan Anfisa shoes nude color, and for good reason, because they visually lengthen legs. The actress loves retro hairstyles, but often it can be seen with a slightly wavy curls and major Hollywood curls.

Personalize your images Anfisa attached with accessories. It can be woven bracelet, interesting bag, necklace and more interesting.

Today style MAIL SAVE - style happy and self-confident woman. To keep fit, the actress has regularly been unpicked. Required - Cycle, a swimming pool, gym and pilates. Result recently beheld all - Chekhov dropped a decent amount of kilograms, and has become even more attractive and sexy while being a mother, wife and professional show-woman.